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Simpson Family
Season Six  (1994-1995)  ·  25 Episodes

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Bart of Darkness (#1F22) 4 Sep 1994
After breaking his leg, Bart spends the Summer at his bedroom window, spying on the neighbors with a telescope. Bart finds the view boring until he sees Ned Flanders murdering his wife.

Lisa's Rival (#1F17) 11 Sep 1994
It looks as if Lisa's days as the class brain are numbered when the new student proves to be smarter, younger, and plays the sax better than her. Meanwhile, Homer strikes white gold in the form of an over-turned Sugar truck. Winona Ryder guest stars.

Another Simpsons Clip Show (#2F33) 25 Sep 1994
When the NFL surprises pretty much everybody by deciding to give the NFC half of its Sunday afternoon broadcast rights to Fox, the network decides to start the Simpsons season four weeks early to coincide with the start of football season, but with only two new episodes and a quickly-modified version of "Lisa the Greek" ready, how can they get a fourth episode ready in about half the time it normally takes?
"Let's put on a (clip) show!"
Er...A romance novel prompts Marge to have a family meeting to discuss the values of love and past romances.

Itchy & Scratchy Land (#2F01) 2 Oct 1994
The family's trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land, the violentest place on earth, proves heavenly until the Itchy & Scratchy robots want to put the family there for real.

Sideshow Bob Roberts (#2F02) 9 Oct 1994
With the help of a radio talk show host, Mayor Quimby is pressured into releasing Sideshow Bob from prison. Once out, Bob promptly runs against the mayor and wins. Bart and Lisa set out to prove Mayor Bob didn't win legally.

Treehouse of Horror V (#2F03) 30 Oct 1994
In a Outer Limits parody, The Simpsons presents three tales of horror... In “The Shinning,”, no TV and no beer makes Homer go insane at an isolated mountain lodge and only Bart's shinning can save the family. Next, Ned Flanders becomes the ruler of a George Orwellian world after Homer adversely uses a toaster to change the past in “Time and Punishment”. Finally, overcrowding at the school's detention room and budget cuts in the cafeteria leads Principal Skinner to come up with a unique single solution in “Nightmare Cafeteria”.

Bart's Girlfriend (#2F04) 6 Nov 1994
Bart's infatuation with the Reverend's daughter is short-lived when she steals the church collection plate and he is blamed for the theft. Meryl Streep guest stars.

Lisa on Ice (#2F05) 13 Nov 1994
Sibling rivalry breaks out on and off the ice when Lisa proves to be a better hockey player than Bart.

Homer: Bad Man (#2F06) 27 Nov 1994
Homer's life comes crashing down on him when a simple grab for a candy treat is misinterpreted is sexual harassment by the family's new baby-sitter. Dennis Franz guest stars.

Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy (#2F07) 4 Dec 1994
Grampa Simpson's love tonic saves Homer and Marge's sex life, but breaks the bond between Father and Son. Meanwhile, Bart thinks Springfield is invaded by UFOs.

Fear of Flying (#2F08) 18 Dec 1994
Marge's fear of flying is revealed after the family earns a free trip to almost any state of their choice. To help overcome her fear, Marge visits a psychiatrist played by Anne Bancroft. Guest appearances by Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger and George Wendt

Homer the Great (#2F09) 8 Jan 1995
Homer joins a secret sociality, where his greatness is revealed, but only after he destroys the secret parchment and stripped of his membership. Patrick Stewart guest stars.

And Maggie Makes Three (#2F10) 22 Jan 1995
When Lisa wonders what happen to Maggie's photos in the family album, prompts Homer to tell the story on how he had to give up his dream job when Maggie was born.

Bart's Comet (#2F11) 5 Feb 1995
Springfield's days are numbered when Bart discovers a comet is heading straight for them. Now they must decide who will brave the comet's arrival and who can stay in the Flanders' bomb shelter.

Homie the Clown (#2F12) 12 Feb 1995
Homer's new job as a Krusty The Klown knock-off lands him in deep waters when mobsters want to give him a pair of cement clown shoes, thinking he's the real thing. Dick Cavett, Joe Mantegna and Johnny Unitas guest star.

Bart vs. Australia (#2F13) 19 Feb 1995
The government of Australia isn't impressed with Bart's prank phone call and demand that he apologies in person.

Homer vs. Patty & Selma (#2F14) 26 Feb 1995
Homer's latest money making scheme backfires and he goes to Patty and Selma as the last resort to borrow money. Meanwhile, Bart takes up ballet. Mel Brooks and Susan Sarandon guest star.

A Star is Burns (#2F31) 5 Mar 1995
In order to boost the towns' sagging popularly, the people of Springfield holds a Film Festival to attract more tourists. Marge invites Jay The Critic Sherman to guest judge. Jon Lovitz guest stars.

Lisa's Wedding (#2F15) 19 Mar 1995
Lisa attends the Springfield Renaissance Faire, where a deck of fortune-teller cards spells out future wedding plans. Mandy Patinkin guest stars.

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds (#2F18) 9 Apr 1995
Santa's Little Helper's frisky nature nets the Simpsons a new dog and 25 spanking new puppies. When Burns steals the young greyhounds, Bart and Lisa set out to discover why he wants them.

The PTA Disbands (#2F19) 16 Apr 1995
A few weeks away from school is what Dr. Bart has ordered when he successfully schemes to have the teachers go on strike. But much to Bart's surprise the school reopens and Marge is his new teacher. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to cope with the situation.

'Round Springfield (#2F32) 30 Apr 1995
While visiting Bart in the hospital, Lisa learns a real-life lesson when a fellow patient is Bleeding Gums Murphy and he tells his life story for the last time. Guest starring Steve Allen and Ron Taylor (as Bleeding Gums Murphy).

The Springfield Connection (#2F21) 7 May 1995
There's a new cop in town and her name is Marge Simpson. Her job is to clean up the town of its criminals. Unfortunately, not all the criminals are on the street as Marge soon discovers.

Lemon of Troy (#2F22) 14 May 1995
Bart leads a group of boys in taking back the town's beloved Lemon tree when it is stolen by a group of kids from a rivalling town.

Who Shot Mr. Burns? - Part One (#2F16) 21 May 1995
It's bad enough that Mr. Burns steals the newly discovered oil under Springfield Elementary, but it's going too far when he steals the town's sunshine. He is shot and everyone wonders who did the dirty deed. Tito Puente guest stars.

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