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Simpson Family
Season Two  (1990-1991)  ·  22 Episodes

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Bart Gets an F (#7F03) 11 Oct 1990
If Bart fails another test, he may have to repeat the fourth grade. So he enlists the aid of the class brain to help him pass.

Simpson and Delilah (#7F02) 18 Oct 1990
After trying a hair-growing formula (charged to the company's health insurance), Homer gets promoted to an executive position, and gets a male secretary who helps him along in his job. Harvey Fierstein guest stars.

Treehouse of Horror (AKA: The Simpsons Halloween Special) (#7F04) 25 Oct 1990
Bart and Lisa swap three horror stories in their tree house: In “Bad Dream House,” the Simpsons move into a haunted house, complete with a dimensional vortex, bleeding walls, and an Indian burial ground. Next, aliens kidnap the Simpsons, and invite them to a 'great feast' on Rigel 4 in “Hungry Are the Damned”. Finally, James Earl Jones narrates Edgar Allen Poe's classic tale starring the Simpsons. This version stays very close to the original poem in “The Raven.”

Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish (#7F01) 1 Nov 1990
In order to keep his nuclear plant from being closed down due to numerous violations, Montgomery Burns decides to run for governor.

Dancin' Homer (#7F05) 8 Nov 1990
After helping the Springfield Isotopes win a game, Dancin' Homer becomes the team mascot, and the family gets invited to Capital City. Tom Poston guest stars, and Tony Bennett sings the Capital City song.

Dead Putting Society (#7F08) 15 Nov 1990
Bart and Todd Flanders enter a miniature golf tournament at Sir Putt-A-Lots. However, Homer and Ned Flanders bet that the father of the boy who does not win mows the neighbor's lawn in their wife's Sunday dress.

Bart vs. Thanksgiving (#7F07) 22 Nov 1990
Bart runs away from home when he accidentally burns Lisa's masterpiece and refuses to apologize about it.

Bart the Daredevil (#7F06) 6 Dec 1990
Bart embarks on a life of death-defying feats when he sees a daredevil perform at a Monster Truck Rally.
NOTES: Doctor Hibbert is introduced.

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge (#7F09) 20 Dec 1990
After watching an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, Maggie bonks Homer in the head with a hammer. When this happens, Marge vows to eliminate violence in cartoons.

Bart Gets Hit by a Car (#7F10) 10 Jan 1991
When Mr. Burns hits Bart in a auto accident, and is willing to pay only one-hundred dollars, Homer sues Mr. Burns for a million.
NOTES: The Devil and Lionel Hutz are introduced.

One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish (#7F11) 24 Jan 1991
Homer believes that he has 24 hours to live after thinking he ate the deadly blowfish at a local sushi restaurant.
NOTES: George Takei guest voices as the Japanese waiter. Larry King narrates the bible.

The Way We Was (#7F12) 31 Jan 1991
When the TV goes out, Homer and Marge tell how they first met in 1974 Springfield.
NOTES: McBain is introduced.

Homer Vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment (#7F13) 7 Feb 1991
In 2300 B.C., Moses received the ten commandments from God, among which was Thou Shalt Not Steal. In present day Springfield, Homer gets an illegal cable hook-up, which Lisa refuses to watch, for fear of losing her soul.

Principal Charming (#7F15) 14 Feb 1991
Homer sets up a date between Principal Skinner and Marge's sister, Selma. However, it ends up being Skinner and Patty.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (#7F16) 21 Feb 1991
Fearing death, Grandpa Simpson tells Homer that he has a half-brother. This half-brother, Herbert Powell, is a carmaker in Detroit, and wants Homer to design a car for the average man to save his car company. Danny DeVito guest stars as Herbert Powell.

Bart's Dog Gets an F (#7F14) 7 Mar 1991
After chewing up Homer's new $125 sneakers and the Bouvier family quilt, Santa's Little Helper is enrolled in an obedience school. Tracey Ullman guest stars.

Old Money (#7F17) 28 Mar 1991
When Abraham 'Grandpa' Simpson inherits one hundred six thousand dollars from his deceased sweetie, he decides to give it to people who need it most. Audrey Meadows.

Brush with Greatness (#7F18) 11 Apr 1991
While Homer tackles his weight problem, Marge takes up painting, a skill which she gave up due to an obnoxious art teacher in high school, and ends up being commissioned to do a portrait of Mr. Burns. Ringo Starr guest stars.

Lisa's Substitute (#7F19) 25 Apr 1991
Lisa's regular teacher falls sick, and gets replaced with a substitute teacher who changes the face of learning for Lisa. Meanwhile, Bart runs against Martin, the class brain, for president of his class.
NOTES: Dustin Hoffman voices Mr. Bergstrom (uncredited).

The War of the Simpsons (#7F20) 2 May 1991
After being embarrassed by Homer during a house party, Marge signs up for Reverend Lovejoy's marriage retreat at Catfish Lake. However, Homer has fishing on his mind, and the only sitter they could get at the last minute is Grandpa Simpson.

Three Men and a Comic Book (#7F21) 9 May 1991
In order to earn enough money to purchase the very first Radioactive Man comic book (valued at $100), Bart takes a part time job with a neighbor. However, after discovering that working is for chumps, Bart enters into a partnership with Martin and Milhouse. Cloris Leachman guest stars.

Blood Feud (#7F22) 11 Jul 1991
Mr. Burns needs double-O negative blood, and only Bart can supply it. Now, Homer wants some gratitude for Bart's donation.
Note: This episode is considered to be between the second and third seasons, as it premiered between the "official" Season 2 finale and Season 3 premiere

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