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Simpson Family
Season Twenty-Seven (2015-2016) · 22 Episodes

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Every Man's Dream (#TABF14 / SI-2614) 27 Sep 2015
When Homer is diagnosed with narcolepsy and decides that he'd rather have a beer at Moe's rather than wait in line for his prescription, he and Marge separate, and Homer starts going out - with the pharmacist

'Cue Detective (#TABF17 / SI-2617) 4 Oct 2015
Homer buys a smoker that earns him a challenge against a TV chef, but when it gets stolen, Bart and Lisa try to find it before the competition

Puffless (#TABF19 / SI-2619) 11 Oct 2015
Patty and Selma quit smoking when they discover that their father died of lung cancer, but when Selma starts smoking again, Patty moves out - and in with the Simpsons; Maggie and a few of her animal friends, with special guest appearance by Spider-Pig, help save a possum from becoming Cletus's dinner

Halloween of Horror (#TABF22 / SI-2622) 18 Oct 2015
Homer turns his house into Everscream Terrors for Halloween, only to have to take down all of the decorations when Lisa becomes scared of pretty much anything Halloween after going to a haunted theme park - and the terror gets real when three temporary workers that Homer gets fired from Apu's Halloween store come by for their revenge

Treehouse of Horror XXVI (#TABF18 / SI-2618) 25 Oct 2015
  • Sideshow Bob finally kills Bart, but when he grows tired of doing things with his body, he re-animates him and kills him over and over
  • Homer is...Homerzilla!...and then he's in the remake!
  • Lisa and Milhouse gain the power of telekinesis from nuclear waste
  • Plus, an opening by John Kricfalusi

Friend With Benefit (#TABF21 / SI-2621) 8 Nov 2015
Homer tries to keep Lisa from breaking off her friendship with a new, rich, girl, mainly because of the perks he gets from being friends with the girl's father

Lisa With an "S" (#TABF20 / SI-2620) (22 Nov 2015)
In order to pay off a poker debt, Homer offers Lisa to a Broadway star for a month, only to see Lisa turn into a "Broadway Baby"

'Paths of Glory (#VABF01 / SI-2701) 6 Dec 2015
When Lisa tries to clear the name of Springfield's first female inventor, Bart gets his hands on a notebook written by an asylym patient and passes it off as his own, leading Homer and Marge to think Bart is a sociopath - and when Bart discovers this and starts acting like one, he's sent to an asylum

Barthood (#VABF02 / SI-2702) 13 Dec 2015
Bart's childhood, skipping the years covered in most of the previous 582 episodes, is covered Boyhood-style

The Girl Code (#VABF03 / SI-2703) 3 Jan 2016
When a photo Marge posts online gets Homer fired, Lisa teams up with the school's new computer coding instructor to develop an app that predicts the consequences of online posts...but it becomes sentient

Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles (#VABF04 / SI-2704) 10 Jan 2016
The new milk (er, milk-like product) Homer buys for his family has an unexpected side effect - early puberty onset for Bart, who uses it to his advantage in trying to get closer to a new teacher, and Lisa, whose acne opens the door to the world of makeup

Much Apu About Something (#VABF05 / SI-2705) 17 Jan 2016
Apu's nephew (and Sanjay's son) Jamshed it's "Jay" now (and yes, somehow he went from being younger than Bart to a college graduate) turns the Kwik-E-Mart into the hipster-friendly "Quick & Fresh"; Homer finally gets Bart to stop doing pranks...but can what was done be undone?

Love is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4 (#VABF07 / SI-2707) 14 Feb 2016
Professor Frink tries to solve his problem getting women to like him; a new medication makes everybody at Springfield Retirement Castle hallucinate that they're back in the past with their loved ones

Gal of Constant Sorrow (#VABF06 / SI-2706) 21 Feb 2016
Lisa discovers that the homeless woman living in Bart's closet (after he knocked her shopping cart of stuff into the river) is an incredible singer...and a drug addict; Homer manages to trap Snowball II in the house's walls

Lisa the Veterinarian (#VABF08 / SI-2708) 6 Mar 2016
Lisa becomes a veterinary intern; in order to pay for a new ceiling fan, Marge gets a job cleaning up crime scenes

The Marge-ian Chronicles (#VABF09 / SI-2709) 13 Mar 2016
When Marge discovers that Lisa has signed up to be on the first colony on Mars, she does the one thing she feels will keep her from going through with it - decide to go along with her; Homer and Bart discover that stolen things taste better

The Burns Cage (#VABF10 / SI-2710) 3 Apr 2016
When Smithers decides that he'll never end up with Mr. Burns, Homer decides to set him up with someone else, and he ends up with Julio (from "Three Gays of the Condo"); Lisa and Milhouse are the leads in the school's production of Casablanca, which wouldn't be such a problem if Milhouse could act

How Lisa Got Her Marge Back (#VABF11 / SI-2711) 10 Apr 2016
When Marge admits behind Lisa's back that she doesn't like jazz music, she and Lisa have a falling out; everyone is so used to Bart pulling pranks that he changes things up by using Maggie as an accomplice

Fland Canyon (#VABF12 / SI-2712) 24 Apr 2016
When Maggie won't fall asleep, Homer tells her a story about how, two years earlier, the Simpsons and Flanderses went to the Grand Canyon only for Sam to fall into the Colorado River no, wait, that was an episode of Rocket Power where the families end up stranded without food and it's up to Ned and Homer to find help

To Courier With Love (#VABF14 / SI-2714) 8 May 2016
"The Simpsons are going to..." Paris, but in order to be able to afford the trip, Homer has to smuggle an endangered snake into France so it can be turned into a fashion belt

Simprovised (#VABF13 / SI-2713) 15 May 2016
Homer takes up stand-up comedy to gain confidence in public speaking after making a mess of a speech at work; Marge decides to rebuild Bart's treehouse, but takes offense when Bart doesn't thank her for it
The last three minutes with Homer taking questions was done "live," with Dan Castellaneta being motion captured; in fact, there are two versions of the ending - one for the eastern USA, and one for the western USA

Orange is the New Yellow (#VABF15 / SI-2715) 22 May 2016
When Marge lets Bart play unsupervised in a park, she gets sent to prison, where she gets used to the break from housework - in fact, so used to the break that she'd rather stay in prison

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