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Simpson Family
Season Twenty-Eight (2016-2017) · 21 Episodes

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Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus (#VABF20 / SI-2720) 25 Sep 2016
When Springfield is pretty much destroyed in a fire, Mr. Burns is willing to put up the money to rebuild the town, on one request; he gets to put on a variety show at the rebuilt Springfield Bowl

Friends and Family (#VABF18 / SI-2718) 2 Oct 2016
Mr. Burns hires Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie to be his "virtual family"; in the meantime, Homer makes friends with a female next door who acts pretty much just like him

The Town (#VABF17 / SI-2717) 9 Oct 2016
"The Simpsons are going to..." Boston, so that Homer can show Bart how bad of a city it is after he sees Bart root for the Springfield Atoms' football rival, the Boston Americans
This episode was originally announced with the title "Patriot Games"

Treehouse of Horror XXVII (#VABF16 / SI-2716) 16 Oct 2016
In the show's 600th episode:
  • "Dry Hard" - Mr. Burns controls all of the water in Springfield, and hosts a The Hunger Games-style competition
  • "BFF R.I.P." - Lisa's long-discarded imaginary friend is killing anyone who claims to be her friend
  • "Moefinger" - Moe recruits Bart into his organization of barflies that are actually secret agents
  • plus, can the Simpsons survive "The Planet of the Couches", right after Sideshow Bob leads a pack of Simpson enemies trying to kill them?

Trust But Clarify (#VABF21 / SI-2721) 23 Oct 2016
Kent Brockman gets fired from Channel 6 after lying about his exploits in the Iraq War; Lisa becomes suspicious of Krusty's new candy; when Tibor gets a promotion ahead of Homer, he thinks it is because of the way he dresses

There Will Be Buds (#VABF22 / SI-2722) 6 Nov 2016
After the youth football team is disbanded because of fear of concussions, Homer and Kirk van Houten become the coaches of Bart and Milhouse's lacrosse team, only for Kirk to bail on the team right before a tournament championship game when he hears Homer complain about having to pretend to be his "buddy"

Havana Wild Weekend (#VABF19 / SI-2719) 13 Nov 2016
"The Simpsons are going to..." Cuba when Grampa can't get affordable medical care for his current problem, but when he gets there, he gets so nostalgic that he doesn't want to leave

Dad Behavior (#WABF01 / SI-2801) 20 Nov 2016
When Homer discovers an app to hire "chore monkeys" to do pretty much everything for him, including spend time with Bart, Bart finds a new father Kirk; apparently, Homer, Herb, and Homeena aren't enough for Grampa, who managed to get another woman pregnant somehow

The Last Traction Hero (#WABF03 / SI-2803) 4 Dec 2016
Homer is put into a body cast after falling through Mr. Burns's office trapdoor, but when he can't spend time with Marge, she finds companionship with someone else - Smithers, who's trying to get Homer to sign a liability release; Lisa becomes the school bus monitor, only for power to go to her head

The Nightmare After Krustmas (#WABF02 / SI-2802) 11 Dec 2016
Krusty and his daughter Sophie spend Christmas with the Simpsons, but when she wants nothing more to do with him, he decides to become a Christian; Reverend Lovejoy tries to solve the problem of shrinking church attendance; Maggie is haunted by a "Gnome in a Home" in her room

Pork and Burns (#WABF06 / SI-2806) 8 Jan 2017
When Marge embraces "minimalism" after reading about it in a book she bought at a car wash, she wants everybody to give up everything that no longer gives them joy, so Lisa ends up giving up pretty much everything she owns, including her saxophone; Homer, refusing to give up the one thing Marge wants him to throw out - Spider-Pig (or Plopper, whichever you prefer) - turns him into a "support animal", but after an incident involving barbecue sauce and Mr. Burns's hounds, Burns treats the pig...and decides to keep him

The Great Phatsby (#WABF04/05 / SI-2084/05) 15 Jan 2017
In the show's first hour-long episode, Mr. Burns becomes friends with a music producer who made his fortune from reading one of Mr. Burns's books, only for the producer to end up with all of Burns's money; a rich, but immoral, boy falls for Lisa; Marge opens a boutique store in the Hamptons

Fatzcarraldo (#WABF07 / SI-2807) 12 Feb 2017
When Springfield's fast food restaurants go healthy, Homer finds an old-school hot dog restaurant that brings back childhood memories; Lisa's tries to keep her school radio station open

The Cad and the Hat (#WABF08 / SI-2808) 19 Feb 2017
When Bart tosses Lisa's new hat into a dump, his guilt manifests itself; Homer turns out to be an expert at chess

Kamp Krustier (#WABF09 / SI-2809) 5 Mar 2017
Bart fakes being traumatized at Kamp Krusty so he can get more attention and less school, but when he gets in the way of Homer and Marge's intimacy, it results in Homer becoming a better employee; when Bart discovers he really was traumatized, and Lisa does as well, they go back to the camp to discover the truth

22 for 30 (#WABF10 / SI-2810) 12 Mar 2017
In a takeoff on ESPN's 30 for 30 (similar to the show's takeoffs on 24 and Behind the Music), Bart's career as star of the school basketball team is covered

A Father's Watch (#WABF11 / SI-2811) 19 Mar 2017
Marge's attempt to seek professional advice on how to raise Bart turns Springfield's parents into meaningless trophy awarders, which is good news for Homer's new trophy shop, but Grampa has a solution - an old pocket watch, which keeps Bart in check until he drops it over a cliff

The Caper Chase (#WABF12 / SI-2812) 2 Apr 2017
When Mr. Burns thinks that Yale has become too politically correct, he decides to open his own university, and has Homer be one of the teachers, only for the school - Homer included - to be bought by someone who wants to use Homer's teaching skills for nefarious purposes

Looking for Mr. Goodbart (#WABF13 / SI-2813) 30 Apr 2017
When Bart pretends to be Agnes Skinner's grandson, he soon develops a talent for playing up to old ladies for profit, but gets worried when he thinks one of them is using him to kill herself; the town gets a little too involved in "Peekimon Get"

Moho House (#WABF14 / SI-2814) 7 May 2017
When one of Mr. Burns's old frields sees Homer and Marge having marital problems, he wagers Mr. Burns that he can break them up, with a little help from Moe

Dogtown (#WABF15 / SI-2815) 21 May 2017
Springfield is going to the dogs - literally - when Mayor Quimby decides to make Springfield more "dog-friendly" and the dogs use it to their advantage

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