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Simpson Family
Season Ten  (1998-1999)  ·  23 Episodes

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Lard of the Dance (#5F20 / SI-920) 23 Aug 1998
Homer and Bart team up to dip their hands in the grease recycling business. Meanwhile, Lisa is chosen to introduce a new student to Springfield Elementary, one who's years ahead of her age. Guest starring Lisa Kudrow as Alex.
Note: This episode is not technically part of any season, as it aired between the "official" Season 9 finale and Season 10 premiere.

The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace (#5F21 / SI-921)   (Season Premiere) 20 Sep 1998
Homer experiences a mid-life crisis when he realizes, at 38.1 years of age, that he hasn't accomplished anything meaningful. To curve his remorse, Homer decides to pattern himself after Thomas Edison and become the next great inventor. Guest starring William Daniels as K.I.T.T.

Bart the Mother (#5F22 / SI-922) 27 Sep 1998
Bart accidentally kills a mother bird with Nelson Muntz's bee-bee gun, and tries his best to raise the mother's eggs on his own. But when the hatchlings turn out to be a pair of destructive lizards that harvest nests for their own survival, the town's bird population is placed at great risk. Guest voice Phil Hartman, in his final speaking role on The Simpsons.

Treehouse of Horror IX (#AABF01 / SI-1001) 25 Oct 1998
In “Hell Toupée,” Homer's new hair transplant commands him to avenge its former owner's foes. Next, Bart and Lisa are sucked into their television to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with Itchy & Scratchy in “The Terror of Tiny Toon.” Finally, in “Starship Poopers,” Maggie's actual father is revealed to be an alien, leading to a spot on the esteemed Jerry Springer Show. Guest starring Regis Philbin, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jerry Springer, Ed McMahon and Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger.

When You Dish Upon a Star (#5F19 / SI-919) 8 Nov 1998
Keeping Hollywood secrets proves difficult for Homer when he scores a personal assistant job for the husband and wife team, Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger. Also guest starring Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

D'oh-In in the Wind (#AABF02 / SI-1002) 15 Nov 1998
Homer sets out to determine what his middle initial stands for, but in the process, delves into the old free-spirit ways of hippies, inspired by his mother's radical past and former associates. Guest starring George Carlin as Munchie and Martin Mull as Seth.

Lisa Gets an A (#AABF03 / SI-1003) 22 Nov 1998
In discovering the joy of video gaming, Lisa neglects to study for her upcoming test, which she later relents to cheating upon in order to pass. But when the resulting grade raises the school's state average and qualifies it for financial aid, the intendance forces her to cover up all wrongdoing. Meanwhile, Homer raises a baby lobster to beat the high store prices of adult lobsters.

Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble" (#AABF04 / SI-1004) 6 Dec 1998
On behalf of Homer's infamous ignorance, Grampa Simpson falls victim to a textbook kidney blowout. But when Homer steps up to offer a donor kidney, he quickly finds himself suffering from a much more common phenomenon: cold feet.

Mayored to the Mob (#AABF05 / SI-1005) 20 Dec 1998
When Homer rescues Mark Hamill and Mayor Quimby from a rowdy mob of sci-fi fanatics, he is appointed the mayor's new bodyguard. But after convincing Quimby that he needs to stop Fat Tony's mob from selling rat's milk to the town's schools, the mayor's life is placed in jeopardy. Also guest starring Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony and Dick Tufeld as the Robot.

Viva Ned Flanders (#AABF06 / SI-1006) 10 Jan 1999
Discouraged by sixty years of minding his P's and Q's, Ned Flanders asks Homer to reveal the secret of his intoxicating lust for life. But Homer's plans to put the spice back into Ned's brio go haywire when they land the pair in wedlock with two grubby casino cocktail waitresses. Guest starring The Moody Blues.

Wild Barts Can't Be Broken (#AABF07 / SI-1007) 17 Jan 1999
Homer and his drunken cohorts celebrate an improbable victory by the Springfield Isotopes by trashing the local elementary school. But when the police force fails to locate the actual vandals, the town's children are hastily blamed for the rowdiness and punished with a new sunset curfew. Guest starring Cyndi Lauper.

Sunday, Cruddy Sunday (#AABF08 / SI-1008) 31 Jan 1999
Super Bowl fever takes control of Homer's psyche after a travel agent offers him and a bus-load of friends free passage to the game. But when the tickets turn out to be counterfeit, Homer must consult his cunning in finding a way into the stadium. Guest starring Fred Willard as Wally, Troy Aikman, Rosie Grier, John Madden, Dan Marino, Pat Summerall, Dolly Parton and Rupert Murdoch.

Homer to the Max (#AABF09 / SI-1009) 7 Feb 1999
When the new television show, “Police Cops,” premiers with a savvy character holding Homer's full name, the real-life Homer enjoys mock-stardom en masse. But when the show is retooled to give the character a Gomer Pyle-like facade, Homer changes his name to Max Power to escape the laughing and taunts of fellow townspeople. Guest starring Ed Begley, Jr.

I'm With Cupid (#AABF11 / SI-1011) 14 Feb 1999
As Kwik-E-Mart convenience store proprietor Apu showers his wife with glowing, outrageous Valentine's Day gifts, the other husbands of Springfield are made to look bad in his shadow. But as his gifts grow increasingly grand, the men attempt to foil his efforts, instigating a Valentine's massacre. Guest starring Jan Hooks as Manjula and Elton John.

Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers" (#AABF10 / SI-1010) 21 Feb 1999
Homer offers Marge a new Canyonero SUV after embarrassingly discovering that he bought the female's model. But once in the driver's seat, Marge becomes increasingly intoxicated by the vehicle's dynamism, leading to a case of aggravated road rage. Featuring Hank Williams, Jr.

Make Room for Lisa (#AABF12 / SI-1012) 28 Feb 1999
Lisa experiences stress when forced to temporarily share a room with Bart. Meanwhile, Marge discovers the joys of eavesdropping on cellular telephone calls and becomes obsessed with the personal dramas of complete strangers.

Maximum Homerdrive (#AABF13 / SI-1013) 28 Mar 1999
Homer takes on a gruff truck driver in a beef-eating contest. But when the trucker pays the high price of trying to top Homer's bottomless stomach, Homer vows to deliver his cargo, leading to a cross-country truckin' adventure. Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa make the best of a troublesome new doorbell.

Simpsons Bible Stories (#AABF14 / SI-1014) 4 Apr 1999
Reverend Lovejoy is showing his stuff with the latest in a series of disinteresting sermons. Bored so terribly are the Simpsons that each gradually doses off, dreaming that they're Adam and Eve, Moses and David facing Goliath.

Mom and Pop Art (#AABF15 / SI-1015) 11 Apr 1999
When Homer learns to vent his anger through home-grown artwork, he attracts the attention of a professional art dealer. Guest voices Isabella Rossellini as Astrid Weller and Jasper Johns.

The Old Man and the "C" Student (#AABF16 / SI-1016) 25 Apr 1999
After causing his fellow townspeople to lose the Olympic Games, Bart is forced to slave away his time helping the elderly residents of the local retirement home. Guest starring Jack LaLanne.

Monty Can't Buy Me Love (#AABF17 / SI-1017) 2 May 1999
Mr. Burns tries his hand at winning the public's admiration by taking part in blue collar radio talk shows and retrieving the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Guest starring Michael McKean as Gerry Rude.

They Saved Lisa's Brain (#AABF18 / SI-1018) 9 May 1999
Lisa is invited to join the local MENSA society after penning an inspiring letter over Springfield's complete humiliation at the hands of her father. Guest starring Stephen Hawking.

Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo (#AABF20 / SI-1020) 16 May 1999
After losing their last million yen, the Simpsons agree to participate in a dangerous Japanese TV game show in exchange for air fare back home. Guest voice George Takei as the Game Show Host.

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