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Simpson Family


The No Homers Club
This was the largest Simpsons web forum 10 years ago – and still is. Now affiliated with The Simpsons Archive.
Last Exit to Springfield
The most beautiful Simpsons site design online, with lots of articles, reviews, interactive features and an extensive image gallery.
Simpsons Music 500
An interesting blog by The Simpsons' music editor Chris Ledesma.
Picks' Tribute to The Simpsons
Refreshing, original content, superb design.
Simpsons & Futurama Fanworks Central
Features the largest collection of Simpsons fanscripts on the internet. Also includes fan-made comics and other pictures.


The official Fox web site dedicated to The Simpsons.
Sky1 - The Simpsons
From the UK, the official Sky1 Simpsons site.
BBC - The Simpsons
More from Britain, the official BBC Simpsons site.
Gracie Films
The Simpsons' production company.
Film Roman
The Simpsons' animation studio.


The Sam Simon Foundation
A charitable organization saving the lives of dogs, founded by The Simpsons' executive producer and co-developer Sam Simon.
Alf Clausen's Home Page
Famous orchestrator and composer for numerous movies and television programs, including The Simpsons. Includes a complete discography and behind-the-scenes photos.
Bart Simpson is a girl!? The proof is here on Nancy Cartwright's home page. Includes her biography, newsletter and more.
Harry Shearer's Home Page
The voice of over thirty characters on The Simpsons, including Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner and Ned Flanders.
Roswell 'n' Rayle
The home of Maggie Roswell, voice of several characters including Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy, and Sharry Bobbins.
Rick Miller's show features over 50 voices from The Simpsons in performance of Shakespeare's bloodiest tragedy.


How many Simpsons characters can you name?
You have five minutes.
The Simpsons Personality Test
Find out which character from The Simpsons you are most like.
The Simpsons Trivia Contest
Show off your Simpsons knowledge by competing against your peers for the top position on the high scores board.
Simpsons Trivia Game
A nice Flash-powered Simpsons trivia game.
Know Your Simpsons Trivia
Challenging trivia quizzes for every fan from a beginner to an expert.
The Simpsons Trivia Quiz
Weekly quiz games on The Simpsons and other animated shows.
Religion in The Simpsons
Beliefnet's online quiz.


The Simpsons @
Highly refined set of Simpsons links, nicely organized by category. Also features fresh editorials and features.
Yahoo! Simpsons Links
Yahoo's extensive Simpsons web directory.



First stop for fans in Czech Republic.
Simpsonovi, fanklub seriálu
A fan club for Czech fans.

This Finnish site includes news, information and a message board.


The Simpsons Park
Despite the name, this is a French-language site, and with news, information and multimedia. Recommended!
A French Simpsons Halloween site.
The Springfield Town
A French-language all-around site from Canada.
The Simpsons Web
Simpsons news in French. Not affiliated with anyone with the name Gilmore.
Simpsons City
A French-language Simpsons message board.
The Simpsons Show
Yet another fine French fan tribute to our favorite family.


Call of the Simpsons
A great German tribute to our favorite family.
Simpsons News
The title says it all.
A German Simpsons wiki.
A German message board.
Uter's Land of Chocolate
Online since 1997, a German site put together by the members of the newsgroup. Additions welcomed!


The Simpsons Portal
The number one Simpsons site in Poland.


Jogos Dos Simpsons
A great collection on Simpsons Flash games.


Independent Simpsons & Futurama Forum (ISFF)
Russia's largest community for Simpsons and Futurama fans. Discussion forum, IRC chat, regular trivia, art and writing contests, fan fiction library, and fan art galleries.
A fantastic Russian site with in-depth show information, episode guide, comics, video clips and more.


Actualidad Simpson
Another Spanish-language site with loads of stuff, including articles from Spanish magazines and local ratings for all episodes.
Los Simpson - Robertuybrush Page
A site from Spain with a great 360° view of the Simpsons' house and other original features.


Svenska WikiSimpsons
A Simpsons wiki in Swedish.


Springfield! Springfield!
Springfield! Springfield!

Episode transcripts, character & guest star info, a chalkboard web app and more.


Bart Simpson Dedication
For true Bart connoisseurs, boasting pictures, character information and interactive features.
The Original Krusty the Klown Home Page
The name says it all: the first web page ever created in honor of Krusty the Klown.
The Milhouse File
It's all Milhouse!
Evil Laughter
A tribute to Mr. Terwilliger.
The Sideshow Bob Archive
Arrest record, FBI profile and quiz are features of this Bob site.
The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club
Life and times of Anthony "Fat Tony" D'Amico.
A dedication to the sarcastic owner of Android's Dungeon.


Dave Hall's Simpsons Pages
One of the very oldest Simpsons fan sites still online. Much of the content is outdated, but updated versions of many documents can be found today at The Simpsons Archive.
Simpson Crazy
An extensive overall site with frequent updates.
Sprngfield! Springfield!
Episode transcripts, character & guest star info, a chalkboard web app, framegrabs and more.
Simpspin's Gallery
Jake Lennington's fan art.
Simpsons Realities
An archive of beautiful fan art by Marco Berzacola.
The War of The Simpsons
Generic fan site with reviews, multimedia and fan creations.
The Simpsons Gallery
Another well-maintained site with multimedia and information.
A general fansite with fresh news.
The Simpsons-O-Rama
A multimedia-heavy fan site.


Dead Homer Society
A Simpsons blog.
Simpsons Wiki anyone can edit. Also see their fan fiction wiki.
Simpsons Wiki
Another extensive Wiki on our favorite family.
The Simpsons on Facebook
Official Facebook page for the show. Also remember our Facebook page.
Homer Simpson on Twitter
Official Homer on Twitter. Tweets are penned by the writers of the show. Please note that we're also there: @SimpsonsArchive


The Simpsons @
Highly informative Simpsons guides on the show's episodes, goofs, cast and crew, with viewer comments.
LocateTV: The Simpsons
Find out when The Simpsons is on in your area.
The Simpsons for Social Studies Teachers
Provides Social Studies teachers a valuable resource for lesson planning.
The Simpsons Family Gets Scrabbled!
A web page about Scrabble featured in the Simpsons.
Sideshow Bob Spicy Salmon Salad
Simpsons food carving, take a look!
Lego Simpsons
Eric Harshbarger's Bart and Milhouse models made of Lego bricks.
Disco Stu - Worst Band Ever
Punk versions of songs from The Simpsons.
The Homer Calendar
A great way for Jews who count the Omer to remember.
Pulp Simpsons
The infamous "Pulp Fiction" Simpsons sketches, though not by Matt Groening as the site suggests. Colored in by a fan.
Simpsons Quotes
Watch a Simpsons quote change every 20 seconds.


Simpsons Collector Sector
A site targeted at collectors of action figures and other merchandise. A message board is also hosted.
The Simpsons Action Figure Information Station
A web site developed exclusively for The Simpsons action figures.
The Simpsons Animation Cel Information Station
A web site devoted to collecting Simpsons animation cels.
Des's Simpsons Road Rage
An unofficial guide to the video game.


Musicnotes - The Simpsons
Offering digital sheet music. Print it out, or view and listen to it on your PC. Also see Great Scores store.
Sheet Music Plus
Selling Simpsons sheet music - the traditional kind.
If you ever want to look like Homer or Duffman, this is the place to go.
Simpsons T-shirts. Also see Tees 'N Things and Bad Fly T-Shirt Gurus.


Entertainment Earth
Kryptonite Kollectibles
Characters 'n' Toons
Kapow Gifts (UK)


The Wonderful World of Animation
Animation Connection
Zip's Toys
Comic Mint (AU)

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