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Simpson Family
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ARTICLES (2004-2005)

Prof Writes 'Simpsons' book
The Cincinnati Post (02/09/04)
Funny Faith (02/15/04)
The Gospel of Simpsons
The Paducah Sun (02/27/04)
Mmmmmm... Pop Culture
The Silhouette (03/04/04)
Most Penn Students Caught Between Burns and Homer
The Daily Pennsylvanian (03/05/04)
Homer's Hashem
The Forward (03/10/04)
One Big Mother
Telegraph (03/21/04)
D'oh! Homer Diet Slammed
CanWest News Service (03/25/04)
Brooklyn Student Takes on The Simpsons
Associated Press (04/04/04)
Simpsons Gets Smart
Knight-Ridder Tribune (04/05/04)
Life Imitating Bart
The Sydney Morning Herald (08/17/04)
Hard to Beat The Simpsons
The Republican (09/14/04)
Simpsons Satire Defines Generation
London Free Press (10/21/04)
Fine tooning
Toronto Star (10/24/04)
Excellent. An Animated Sitcom Guy
The Globe and Mail (10/25/04)
In the 16th Season, The Simpsons is a Well-Oiled Laugh Machine
Associated Press (11/03/04)
Springfield Fever
Entertainment Weekly (11/05/04)
Is Ned Flanders Keeping George Bush in the White House?
Politics Watch (11/05/04)
Winchester Residents Mull How 'Simpsons' Relates to Life
The Winchester Star (11/06/04)
Simpsons Desperately Deserves Cancellation
The Triangle (11/12/04)
How Do We Love 'The Simpsons'?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (11/14/04)
Homer Simpson: Made in Korea
Reuters (03/02/05)

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From Leaving Springfield
C. Montgomery Burns and the Pursuit of True Happiness
From The Simpsons and Society
Simpsons' Gospel
From The Gospel According to The Simpsons
The Simpsons, Hyper-Irony, and the Meaning of Life
From The Simpsons and Philosophy


by Brian Harris
Lose Your Job and Your Mind Will Follow
by Derek Dexheimer
Lenny Hall
by Fernie Martinez
Carrie (Part One)
by Ondre Lombard
Carrie (Part Two)
by Ondre Lombard
Privately Saving Homer
by Ondre Lombard
Long Service
by Jonathan Empson
Lisa Van Houten
by Matt Rose
Grampa on the Road
by Liam Scanlan
A Burns' Carol
by Mike Gray

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The Groening Fanworks Central

INTERVIEWS (2004-2005)

Harry Shearer
Los Angeles City Beat (01/14/04)
Nancy Cartwright (Audio) (01/28/04)
Mike Reiss
The Crimson White (01/30/04)
Mike Reiss
DVD Fanatic (02/10/04)
Mike Reiss
Cornell Daily Sun (02/18/04)
Mike Reiss
The Daily Tar Heel (02/24/04)
Matt Groening
The Oregonian (03/14/04)
Harry Shearer
Broken Newz (06/21/04)
Al Jean & Mike Reiss
Written By (Summer 2004)
Nancy Cartwright
BBC (07/30/04)
Nancy Cartwright
The Guardian (08/02/04)
Harry Shearer
UK Teletext (08/02/04)
Brad Bird
The Onion AV Club (11/03/04)
Charles Ragins & Eddie Rosas
Newsminer (11/07/04)
Mike Reiss
The Daily Northwestern (11/10/04)
Nancy Cartwright (12/11/04)
Yeardley Smith
Newsweek (02/18/05)
Mike Reiss
Kalamazoo Gazette (02/24/05)
Yeardley Smith
Los Angeles Times (03/01/05)
Al Jean
Channel 4 Chat (04/01/05)

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The Simpsons and the Musical [NEW]
by Chris Morgan
Homer Simpson: Homophobic Hero?
by Denise Du Vernay
by A. Justin Del Giudice
Critiques on Consumerism and Environmental Problem
by Anizar Ahmad Yasmin
Translation Strategies for Wordplay in The Simpsons
by Elina Korhonen
Translation of Allusions in the Animated Cartoon The Simpsons
by Esko Hellgren
Postmodernism and The Simpsons
by Björn Erlingur Flóki Björnsson
God and The Simpsons
by Gerry Bowler
We're All Pigs
by Karma Waltonen
The Ten Commandments vs. The Simpsons
by Jim Guida
Worst Paper Ever
by Josh Cashion
Advertising of America's Beer Companies and the Duff Corporation
by Jeffrey Katzin
Sephardic Tradition and "The Simpsons" Connections
by Kalman & Belkin
A Reflection of Society and a Message on Family
by Eric Garrison
An Imperfect Ideal Family
by Eliezer Van Allen
The Simpsons as a Religious Satire
by Scott Satkin
Tones of Morality Through Layers of Sarcasm
by Gabe Durham
Animation and Teaching
by Andreas Kristiansen
The Social 'Simpson'
by Chris Moyer
Sitcom Satire at its Finest
by Kirstyn Miller
Religious Dialogues in Prime Time
by James L. Hall
Discourse Stu Likes Discourse Theory
by Michael Frost
Portrait of a Heroic Family
by Dan Rousseve
Individualism Versus Paternalism
by Dan Rousseve
Morality from the 'Immoral' & Truth from the 'Absurd'
by Frank G. Sterle, Jr.
Religion in The Simpsons
by Jeff Shalda
Make Room for Daddy
By Elise Lipoff
You Can't Argue with the Little Things
By Michael Frost
The Simpsons as Fart, D'oh!, Art
by David M. Basner
Simpson Ethics
by John Sohn
Hey, I've Seen This Before!
by Joe Pursel
Mmm... Television
by Jon Horowitz
The Simpsons and Their World
by Bastian Vogl
The Simpsons, American Satire
by Brett Mullin
The Simpsons as a Critique of Consumer Culture
by Sam Tingleff
King-Size Homer
by Barry Hodge
The Simpsons - Just Funny Or More?
by Gerd Steiger
Homer Simpson: Classic Clown
by Ellen Amy Cohen
The Simpsons as Quality Television
by Dan Korte
From an Obscure Hell to Life in the Fast Lane
by W. Keith Work
God and The Simpsons (2)
by Gerry Bowler
r dr r: Engaging Students with Significant Mathematical Content from 'The Simpsons'
by Sarah J. Greenwald & Andrew Nestler
An Analysis of the Medical Care in The Simpsons
PDF by Robert Patterson and Charles Weijer

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