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If you have any questions, comments or flames for us, feel absolutely free to send e-mail. Our addresses are listed below, in the contacts section.

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Simpson Family

The Simpsons Archive is a repository of continuously-updated information on the Fox animated series, “The Simpsons,” assembled into an easy-to-navigate format by numerous fans from every corner of the globe. Included in the Archive are episode reviews, character guides, FAQs, reference lists, scheduling info, spoilers, articles and interviews, links, bibliographies, and much more. We additionally host a complete on-line news area (The Springfield Times) with archived segments.

The Simpsons Archive also operated a moderated mailing list "Simpsons-L" for fan discussions (1996-2010). After the service was terminated, in August 2011 we joined forces with the No Homers Club - the most popular Simpsons web forum of all times. The connection between the Archive and the is is also always present. This site was launched by the members of ATS.

Our intention is serve as a home for all useful materials created by fans of the show. Individuals who have authored Simpsons-related documents may submit them to the Archive, where they will be made available to millions of regular visitors. As you might imagine, maintainers retain full credit for their works, and may freely update them at any time. More information on submissions can be found here.

The Simpsons Archive is hosted on-line by Gary Goldberg of Digital Marketing in Bowie, MD. Gary has generously donated one of his servers (and plenty of bandwidth) to The Simpsons Archive as a dedication to the series and its legions of fans. (Many thanks, Gary!) SNPP is presently located on an P4 Xeon 2.8Ghz. Our internet connectivity is facilitated by Cisco Catalyst switches and Cisco routers at the Equinix IBX facility in Ashburn, Virginia. The Archive has been online since 1994, and today receives in excess of 8.5 million hits and 1.5 million page views from Simpsons fans each month.

The Simpsons Archive is operated and maintained strictly by fans of the series. Its host, maintainers and content are in no way associated with or endorsed by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. The official Simpsons web site is located on the Fox network web site:

After 12 ad-free years, Google AdSense was introduced in 2006, solely to cover our hosting bills. All revenues generated by the advertisements will go directly to the host and none of the maintainers of The Simpsons Archive receive any income for their work. In other words, it's all still strictly non-profit.

If you would like to link your site to The Simpsons Archive, feel free to use the handy-dandy link icon below, available in two standard sizes (176x62 and 88x31). Simply right-click them to save to disk.

If you would like your site added to our web links area, send a request via e-mail to Please be sure to include the site's name and some information on its key features.

For Q&A on general Simpsons topics, we strongly recommend the official Simpsons FAQ.


The Simpsons Archive cannot accept sound or movie file submissions under any conditions. Our server traffic averages 24 gigabytes per month, and housing a large binary archive would boost bandwidth fees beyond affordable limits. Additionally, Twentieth Century Fox ruthlessly defends its copyrighted work by issuing Cease & Desist orders to fan sites housing said content. While we sympathize with those who have fallen victim to Fox, we prefer to avoid legal entanglements by steering clear of multimedia.

Otherwise, The Simpsons Archive gladly accepts all submissions in the form of fan-authored FAQs, lists, guides, news and other miscellaneous items. All authors retain full credit for their works and may update them within The Simpsons Archive as needed. We ask, however, that prospective maintainers be versed in basic HTML. For further details, please e-mail for our submission policies.

The submissions we commonly receive are outlined below. If you have a unique idea, however, e-mail!

FAQs, Guides & Lists

There's nothing more tantalizing to the hard-core, overly-computer literate Simpsons fan than large, highly comprehensive cross-references of production codes. Others may find character profiles and frequently asked questions handy. We strive to snag as many FAQs, Guides & Lists as we can get our hands on. If you are the author of just such a document and would like to see it hosted here, we would be happy to oblige you. Please contact Jouni Paakkinen for more information.

Production Details

If you have information on episodes presently in development, feel free to share it with the rest of world by submitting the details to our humble web site. Examples of acceptable material are tidbits presented by David Silverman at any of his public animation lectures, spoilers printed in magazine or newspaper articles, info acquired from an inside source, etc. Please direct these to Don Del Grande (, and note that we frown on the use of alcohol in coaxing this kind of info out of animators. ;-)

Articles & Interviews

We are always on the lookout for new articles, interviews and other newsworthy items found in the media or elsewhere on the internet. If you spot any of these, give Jouni Paakkinen a holler. If the items in question already exist elsewhere on the web, simply forward the URL our way.


While aiming to keep our existing fanscripts available, we've chosen not to accept any new fan-made scripts. Please submit your fanfic to The Simpsons & Futurama Fanworks Central.

Document Translations

Because we receive many visitors from around the world, on-site translations of our more popular documents, such as the FAQ, episode guide and QuickList, can be very desirable. Translations of other features are also welcomed, in which case we'll happy provide links to external web pages hosting the alternate-language versions. Please contact Jouni Paakkinen for further details.

Capsule Submissions

Episode capsules are master references providing detailed information on every episode known to exist. Built entirely on fan submissions, the capsules are never actually "complete." We accept submissions from anyone at any time, even if the capsule in question has already been placed online.

Due to the large number of submissions received each week, it often takes a moderate amount of time to complete the capsules. Our job could be greatly simplified if all submissions followed the format suggested in the capsule submission guidelines. While submissions in just about any format will be accepted, having your text match the traditional capsule formatting saves us countless hours of polishing work, inevitably allowing capsules to be completed in a more timely fashion.


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If you have any bewildering questions, comments, suggestions or flames for the maintainers of The Simpsons Archive, please don't hesitate to drop us some e-mail.

The most common feedback subjects are listed to the right, for your convenience. However, if you would rather contact us on an individual basis, just scroll downwards.

If no address is specified or it is no longer in use, please send your feedback to the webmaster. Thanks!

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