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Simpson Family
Season Twenty (2008-2009) · 21 Episodes

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Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes (#KABF17 / SI-1917) 28 Sep 2008
When Homer is given $25,000 bail after his participation in a St. Patrick's Day Parade fight, he and Ned team up to be bounty hunters; Marge takes a job at a bakery, unaware that it sells erotic cakes

Lost Verizon (#KABF15 / SI-1915) 5 Oct 2008
Bart takes a cellphone discarded by Denis Leary and starts making prank calls pretending to be him; when Marge squeals on Bart to Leary, he tells her to turn on the phone's GPS tracker so she can track him, but Bart attaches the chip to a bird headed to Peru

Double, Double, Boy in Trouble (#KABF14 / SI-1914) 19 Oct 2008
At a party thrown by new lottery winner Lenny, Bart meets his double, who is a member of Springfield's richest family, and trades places with him, unaware that the boy's half-brother and half-sister are trying to kill him so they can get his share of the estate

Treehouse of Horror XIX (#KABF16 / SI-1916) 2 Nov 2008
  • "How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising" - Homer kills people so they can be used for free in commercials
  • "Untitled Robot Parody" - Warring transforming robots stop fighting each other...and start fighting humans
  • "It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse" - and it's not in a good mood after seeing all of those pumpkins killed for Jack-O-Lanterns
  • plus, Homer has a little trouble voting for Obama for President

Dangerous Curves (#KABF18 / SI-1918) 9 Nov 2008
A family summer vacation trip to a cabin motel brings back memories of earlier trips from twenty years ago, when Homer and Marge were picked up by newlyweds Ned and Maude (who made them sleep in separate rooms), and five years ago, when they arrived with different partners

Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words (#KABF19 / SI-1919) 16 Nov 2008
Lisa makes it to the finals of the Springfield City Crossword Championships, where Homer discovers three things; he has a lot of money from his successful professional break-up delivery service, there's a gambling ring at the event, and Lisa confides that she has a habit of subconsciously sabotaging herself at big events - but when she discovers Homer bet against her, she decides to go by the name Lisa Bouvier
Crossword puzzle author Merl Reagle and New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz voice themselves; the puzzle that appears at the end of the episode is the actual New York Times puzzle for 11/16/2008

Mypods and Boomsticks (#KABF20 / SI-1920) 30 Nov 2008
Bart befriends a Muslim boy and invites him and his parents to dinner, only for Homer's paranoia to get the better of him, but when Homer goes over to their house to apologize, he sees the father with sticks of TNT and thinks he's going to blow up Springfield Mall; Lisa gets a Mapple Mypod - and a bill for over 1200 downloaded songs at 99 cents each

The Burns and the Bees (#KABF21 / SI-1921) 7 Dec 2008
When Mr. Burns wins a professional basketball team in a poker game, he decides to build a new sports arena in Springfield for them - on the site where Lisa is trying to keep Springfield's bee population from dying out; Homer tries to solve the problem by mating the bees - with "killer" Africanized bees

Lisa the Drama Queen (#KABF22 / SI-1922) 25 Jan 2009
Lisa and a new friend create the fantasy world of Equalia together, but Lisa is a little worried when her friend treats Equalia as a real place to escape the problems of the real world

NOTE: Starting with "Take My Life, Please", the show was broadcast by Fox in high definition, and the show changed its regular opening for the first time since Season 2

Take my Life, Please (#LABF01 / SI-2001) 15 Feb 2009
When Homer sees the man who beat him for senior class president in high school being honored on Springfield's Wall of Fame, he discovers that, in reality, he won that election, and thanks to an elderly Italian chef at Luigi's, sees a vision of how his life would have changed had he been senior class president

How the Test Was Won (#LABF02 / SI-2002) 1 Mar 2009
Bart joins Ralph and the school's bullies on a trip to Capital City so they don't bring down the school's score on a national achievement test; Lisa, rattled by her score of "only" 96 percent on a practice test, has trouble with the real thing; Homer forgets to deliver an insurance payment on time and has to prevent anybody from getting hurt in his house

No Loan Again, Naturally (#LABF03 / SI-2003) (8 Mar 2009)
Homer takes out a home equity loan to pay for his Mardi Gras party, but when the rate goes up and he can't afford the new payment, 742 Evergreen Terrace is under new ownership: Ned Flanders, who rents it back to Homer, who in turn shows his thanks for Ned's generosity by demanding that his new landlord do all the repairs on the house 24 hours a day - and Ned responds by evicting Homer

Gone Maggie Gone (#LABF04 / SI-2004) 15 Mar 2009
When Homer leaves Maggie on the doorstep of a convent in order to help get Santa's Little Helper across a river, the nuns take Maggie in, starting a chain of events that leads Lisa, Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy, and Mr. Burns on a quest to find a mysterious jewel

In the Name of the Grandfather (#LABF11 / SI-2011) 22 Mar 2009
"The Simpsons are going to..." Ireland, as Homer (guilty over forgetting about a father-son wheelbarrow race at Springfield Retirement Castle) takes Grampa to a pub he visited during the war for "one final beer", and the two of them end up buying it...which might not be so bad if it had any customers

This episode aired first in Ireland and the UK on St. Patrick's Day, 2009

Wedding for Disaster (#LABF05 / SI-2005) 29 Mar 2009
It turns out that Reverend Lovejoy didn't have a valid license to perform weddings when he presided over Homer and Marge's wedding (remember that he married them after their divorce in "A Milhouse Divided"), so they have to get married again, but just when the wedding is about to start, Homer disappers, and the only clue is a key attached to a keychain marked "SB"...but is it Sideshow Bob?

Eeny Teeny Maya Moe (#LABF06 / SI-2006) 5 Apr 2009
Moe falls in love with Maya, a woman he met on the internet...who's only three feet tall; Marge wants Homer to spend more time with Maggie

The Good, the Sad and the Drugly (#LABF07 / SI-2007) 19 Apr 2009
Bart volunteers at the Springfield Retirement Castle in order to impress a girl, but this leaves Milhouse (who took the rap for a school prank he and Bart pulled) less than impressed; Lisa becomes depressed when she writes a report on what Springfield will be like 50 years from now, but her medication makes her see everything happy - bright yellow happy faces, that is

Father Knows Worst (#LABF08 / SI-2008) 26 Apr 2009
When Homer realizes that Bart's underachievements aren't going to be helped any by Lisa's unpopularity, he tries "helicopter parenting" - that is, he hovers over them constantly; meanwhile, Marge is too busy relaxing in the mysterious new sauna she just happened to find in the basement to care

Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh (#LABF10 / SI-2010) 3 May 2009
When Marge discovers the poor teaching conditions at Springfield Elementary, she gets Homer to rent an apartment in the Waverly Hills area so Bart and Lisa can attend school there, but Lisa's lack of knowledge about singer Alaska Nebraska makes her as unpopular as ever, until Bart spreads a rumor that Lisa and Alaska are best friends - which comes back to haunt Lisa when her new friends want backstage passes to her upcoming concert; Homer has to stay in his shabby apartment until the school's inspector pays a surprise visit to make sure they actually live in the area, but he gets to like it - until he invites Marge to move in with him

Four Great Women and a Manicure (#LABF09 / SI-2009) 10 May 2009
When Marge tries to show Lisa that women can be beautiful, intelligent, and powerful all at once, the discussion turns into stories of Elizabeth I (Selma), Snow White (Lisa), and modern-day versions of two other stories - Marge channeling Lady Macbeth in her attempts to make Homer the star of the local production of Macbeth, and Maggie as the hero of The Fountainhead trying to develop nonconformist building-block architecture

Coming to Homerica (#LABF12 / SI-2012) 17 May 2009
Krusty's tainted meat-free burgers are traced to bad barley in Ogdenville, destroying the city's economy and causing its citizens (most of whom are from Norwegian families) to come to Springfield; at first, Springfield welcomes them with open arms and jobs that nobody else wants to do, but when their presence becomes a burden, Springfield decides to keep them out, first with a civilian force, then with a giant wall...built by the Ogdenvillian immigrants

NOTE: All titles and synopses for episodes in development are subject to later modification.

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