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Simpson Family
Season Thirty-Two (2020-2021)

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Undercover Burns (#ZABF19 / SI-3119) 27 Sep 2020
Mr. Burns disguises himself as a plant employee that quickly becomes friends with the other workers, much to Smithers's dismay - especially when the improvements Burns makes to make the employees happier are bankrupting the plant

I, Carumbus (#ZABF18 / SI-3118) 04 Oct 2020
At a museum exhibit on Roman history, when Marge laments that Homer doesn't have any ambition, a curator tells the story of Obeseus, whose ambition stemmed from his wife

Now Museum, Now You Don't (#ZABF21 / SI-3121) 11 Oct 2020
When Lisa is sick in bed, she tells tales from the art world; herself as "Lisanardo" da Vinci; Bart leads a group of art students in the formation of Impressionism; Maggie as Cupid has her arrows switched with the deadly kind; and Homer and Marge as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

Treehouse of Horror XXXI (#ZABF17 / SI-3117) 01 Nov 2020
In a CGI spoof of Toy Story, Bart is mean to his toys, which plot their revenge; Homer causes six different versions of himself to appear; Lisa and Nelson celebrate Lisa's ninth birthday by getting killed, over and over again; it must be an election year, as Homer votes for President

The 7 Beer Itch (#ZABF15 / SI-3115) 08 Nov 2020
An English woman that has every man she meets fall in love with her has eyes only for the one man who doesn't - Homer; Marge and the kids go on vacation to a New England seaside town that they would rather forget

Podcast News (#ZABF22 / SI-3122) 15 Nov 2020
When Kent Brockman discovers that podcasts have made him pretty much obsolete, he starts one of his own, featuring on a woman apparently Grampa

Three Dreams Denied (#QABF02 / SI-3202) 22 Nov 2020
Bart gets a job as a voiceover artist...for a princess character; Comic Book Guy goes to Comicalooza, but forgets his "perfect question" for the panel; Lisa has a crush on a new saxophone player, who only has eyes on her "first saxophone" chair

The Road to Cincinnati (#ZABF20 / SI-3120) 29 Nov 2020
Superintendent Chalmers is to give the keynote speech at a school administrators conference in Cincinnati - assuming he can get through the 400-mile car trip there with Principal Skinner first

Sorry Not Sorry (#QABF01 / SI-3201) 06 Dec 2020
Lisa calls Miss Hoover "a hack" and won't apologize for it...that is, until she discovers what Miss Hoover's life outside of work is like

A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas (#QABF03 / SI-3203) 13 Dec 2020
A Hallmark-type TV channel's executive is sent to Springfield to fix problems with a Christmas movie shoot, which turns into a Hallmark Channel movie plot of its own when she gets together with Principal Skinner; Bart is not pleased that Homer has turned the house into an AirB&B and rented out his room

The Dad-Feelings Limited (#QABF04 / SI-3204) 03 Jan 2021
When Comic Book Guy and his wife disagree over whether or not to have a baby, he returns to his childhood home, where the story of how he got to be who he is today is revealed

Diary Queen (#QABF05 / SI-3205) 21 Feb 2021
At Ned's lawn sale, Bart buys a book that turns out to be Mrs. Krabappel's journal, and becomes a better student when he gets under the impression that she thought he had potential, but when Lisa discovers that she was really talking about her pet cat, Lisa has to decide between the truth and crushing Bart

Wad Goals (#QABF06 / SI-3206) 28 Feb 2021
Bart gets a job as a caddy at Springfield's private golf club, but Marge is afraid that he's letting the money he's earning in tips get to his head

Yokel Hero (#QABF07 / SI-3207) 07 Mar 2021
When Cletus's singing transforms Homer, Homer turns him into a professional country singer...who promptly fires Homer

Do Pizza Bots Dream of Electric Guitars (#QABF08 / SI-3208) 14 Mar 2021
Homer is reunited with the animatronic band from the pizzeria where he worked as a teenager, only to be separated from them J.J. Abrams, who wants them to be the stars of his new film

Manger Things (#QABF09 / SI-3209) 21 Mar 2021
In the show's 700th episode, a flashback to six years ago shows how Homer is thrown out of the house after getting drunk at an office Christmas party, but finds a way to redeem himself with a little help from Maude Flanders and a room in the house that nobody appeared to notice in the previous 699 episodes

Uncut Femmes (#QABF10 / SI-3210) 28 Mar 2021
It turns out Sarah Wiggum was once part of a gang of thieves that ended up being double-crossed in a jewel heist, but now they can get their payback...with a little help from Marge

Burger Kings (#QABF11 / SI-3211) 11 Apr 2021
Mr. Burns has a craving for hamburgers, but his body can't handle the meat, so he opens a fast food chain of meatless burgers, and now everybody loves him... but will it stay that way when the burger's secret is released?; Marge buys stock by mistake, and gets a little too involved in financial matters

Panic on the Streets of Springfield (#QABF12 / SI-3212) 18 Apr 2021
Lisa's new friend is the long-missing lead singer of an 1980s band...that only she can see or hear; Homer is diagnosed with low testosterone and self-cures with an overpowered pickup truck

Mother and Child Reunion (#QABF14 / SI-3214) 09 May 2021
A magician looks into Lisa's future, and sees nothing but hostility between her and Marge when she decides not to go to college

The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A. (#QABF13 / SI-3213) 16 May 2021
An MI5 agent who has been searching for an American soldier working as a Soviet agent, known only as "Grey Fox," for 50 years, thinks he has tracked him down...Grampa

The Last Barfighter (#QABF15 / SI-3215) 23 May 2021
When Moe breaks the one sacred rule of bartending - never reveal any of your customers' secrets - he is punished by having Homer, Barney, Lenny, and Carl injected with a serum that makes them avoid alcohol

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