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The Simpsons Archive has adopted Google, the internet's most popular search engine, for its on-site search feature. To search the contents of SNPP, simply type in your queries using the same familiar syntax that you traditionally use at Google's own web site.

Basic Search Examples

To locate all documents containing Homer's “D'oh!”, simply search for:


To locate those containing both of the wordsMarge” and “Simpson”, enter:

marge simpson

To locate those containing either of the wordsMarge” or “Simpson”, enter:

marge OR simpson

To locate those with the whole phraseLisa Simpson”, search for:

"lisa simpson"

To locate those with both of the whole phrasesMarge Simpson” and “Lisa Simpson”, type:

"marge simpson" "lisa simpson"

To locate those with either of the whole phrasesMarge Simpson” or “Lisa Simpson”, type:

"marge OR lisa simpson"

To find documents matching the previous example's criteria but sans any mention of Maggie, enter:

"marge OR lisa simpson" -maggie

Note that “OR” is intentionally capitolized in the examples above. If you type “or” in all-lower case letters instead, Google will treat it as one of the words you are searching for.

Helpful Search Hints

Google eliminates certain popular words from queries, such as “I,” “when,” and “the.” To prevent common words from being excluded, prepend + signs to all of those you don't wish to be ignored. For example, to perform a search for the whole phraseThe Simpsons, Says I”, just type:

"+the simpsons, says +i"

You may also search for words strictly within document titles by prepending intitle: to them. For example, to search for all documents with eitherDVD” or “video” in their titles but without any results for documents with the whole phraseSpringfield Times” in theirs, you would just type:

intitle:dvd OR intitle:video -intitle:"springfield times"

For additional information about Google, including more search tips and a guide to interpreting the results of your search queries, visit Google Help Central.

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