This area provides a full scope of broadcast scheduling for The Simpsons in the United States. Show times are provided for network airings (minus one hour for central and mountain zones).

For a comprehensive list of American & Canadian stations showing episodes in syndication, consult the Syndication Stations & Times list.

Because national syndication scheduling is no longer offered, viewers should consult local listings via Zap2it, Yahoo or TV Guide for broadcast info.

Simpson Family

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Episodes On FOX

7:00 • Diary Queen (QABF05)
At Ned's lawn sale, Bart buys a book that turns out to be Mrs. Krabappel's journal, and becomes a better student when he gets under the impression that she thought he had potential, but when Lisa discovers that she was really talking about her pet cat, Lisa has to decide between the truth and crushing Bart
This episode may be joined in progress in the Eastern and Central time zones, if Fox's NASCAR coverage runs past 7:00 Eastern

8:00 • Panic on the Streets of Springfield (QABF12)
Lisa has an imaginary friend that turns out to be an actual home repair contractor no, wait, that was Homer; Homer gets a muscle car

April 25 • DOUBLE FEATURE...of repeats
7:00 • Wad Goals (QABF06)
Bart gets a job as a caddy at Springfield's private golf club, but Marge is afraid that he's letting the money he's earning in tips get to his head
This episode may be joined in progress in the Eastern and Central time zones, if Fox's NASCAR coverage runs past 7:00 Eastern

8:00 • Yokel Hero (QABF07)
When Cletus's singing transforms Homer, Homer turns him into a professional country singer...who promptly fires Homer

May 2 • DOUBLE FEATURE...of repeats...again
7:00 • Do Pizza Bots Dream of Electric Guitars (QABF08)
Homer is reunited with the animatronic band from the pizzeria where he worked as a teenager, only to be separated from them J.J. Abrams, who wants them to be the stars of his new film
8:00 • Manger Things (QABF09)
In the show's 700th episode, a flashback to six years ago shows how Homer is thrown out of the house after getting drunk at an office Christmas party, but finds a way to redeem himself with a little help from Maude Flanders and a room in the house that nobody appeared to notice in the previous 699 episodes

Worldwide Schedules

Scheduling information for international broadcasters is available from the following web sites. If you know of any international scheduling data on the internet that has been overlooked here, send e-mail.
Please send e-mail only if you know of a web page that has the actual scheduling information for episodes. Do not simply include the address of the network's home page.
This is not intended to be a list of every network in the world that shows The Simpsons - just a list of the sites that list their upcoming episodes.

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