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Did you experience your 15 seconds of fame with a published letter, drawing or contest entry in a Simpson comic?   We hereby extend your immortality by listing your name in an index to every reader submitted
item that appeared in every issue of every Bongo & Zongo comic,
including Futurama and "non-Simpson" issues.

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Simpsons Comics #197 Sam Young

Simpsons Comics #197 Immortalizes Fan Sam Young

For questions concerning the content and format of the list that follows see our Notes section at the end of this document.   Each entry below links back to our entry for the original comic.   If you see any omissions or errors, or errors from the original comic you want corrected, or just to want to expand on anything, please write!  We would love to hear from you.

One last note - all Radioactive Man letters and drawings are documented below, including both faux letters and real ones - see Notes for further information!


Our congrats to Mark Griffin, who became the first fan to have a letter published in Bongo Comics both before the six year hiatus (six times may we add) and now in Simpsons Comics #188!
Full disclosure: We also had our first letter published in that same issue!

Last Names A - G    Last Names H - M    Last Names N - S    Last Names T - Z      Notes  
    (In order by Last Name, see end of list for letters where Last Name not supplied)



Each entry has Last name, First name, address, item (letter and/or drawing/photo/comic/poem), title(s) of the items and the source publication. Entries missing the last name are listed at the end. Many drawings were not published with titles but we've nonetheless attempted to supply one. We've tried to reproduce the content of the names and locations exactly, including mistakes, although we decided to always use the two letter abbreviation for U.S. states and Canadian provinces and to spell out foreign countries. If you see any omissions or errors, or errors from the original comic you want corrected, or just to want to expand on anything, please write!  We would love to hear from you.

As of November 2008 all letters, art and contest entries from all Simpsons comics (Simpsons Comics, Bart Simpson, Treehouse of Horror, Radioactive Man, Itchy & Scratchy, Krusty, Bartman) have been recorded. As of 2012 ALL letters from ALL Bongo branded publications (Futurama, Sergio Aragonés, Roswell, Fleener, etc.) are included. We are now (May 2013) reviewing all entires for accuracy and adding the Letter titles published with the comics. In addition we are now adding letters from non-Bongo publications, specifically., Simpsons Illustrated (the magazine).

History of Fan Mail

The history of Fan Mail and Art in Bongo Comics is as follows;

A Junk Mail section appeared Simpsons Illustrated #1 - #9 and in the Simpsons 1992 Annual.
A Junk Mail section appeared in the solo issue of Simpsons Comics & Stories #1.

Of course, those first two publications were published by Welsh Publishing Group, providing the incentive to create Bongo Comics!

The Junk Mail section then appeared frequently, but not always, in
Simpsons Comics #1 in November 1993 through #113 in December 2005.
After a six year absence Junk Mail returned with issue Simpsons Comics #186 in January 2012.
Junk Mail now appears in almost all Simpsons and Bart Simpson comics published since then.

The Malibu Mail! section of three faux letters appeared in Simpsons Comics #64, within the Malibu Stacy section behind the Malibu Stacy flip cover. Those letters are also included in the list above, flagged, naturally, as faux letters. Simpsons Comics #64 also had a Junk Mail section.

The Bartmail section appeared in Bartman #1 - #6.

The Post Mortem section appeared in Itchy & Scratchy Comics #1 - #3 and in the Hi-Jinx Special.

The Clown Mail section appeared in Krusty Comics #1 - #3.

The Pony Express column appeared in the only issue of Lisa Comics #1. Sigh.

The Bongo's Ghoulish Gallery of the Grotesque... section featuring fan art appeared in
Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #3.

The Bart's People (named such beginning with issue #3) or Bart's Art Gallery sections appeared in
Bart Simpson #2 - #26.   With the resumption of a fans letters section in 2011 Bart Simpson #67 included the same Junk Mail section that appeared in Simpsons Comics #186.   Then starting with Bart Simpson #68 Bart Simpson Comics had their own unique Junk Mail letters.

The Futurama Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Gallery! section appeared in
Futurama Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis #1 - #2.

The Ground Zero section appeared in Radioactive Man. The faux letters have been documented in the Radioactive Man Indexes page. All Radioactive Man letters, real and faux, nonetheless, have been documented above!

A letters section simply titled Futurama Comics appears in Futurama Comics #2 - #22.  (Futurama Comics invited readers to name the letters section in issues #2, 3 and 4 but we assume all names submitted were underwhelming.)   It then resumed as Junk Mail in Futurama Comics #59.

The titles supplied with the letters in Futurama Comics #5 were supplied in Alien Language 1.  The titles supplied in the above list were translated.

The Letters Page appears in Sergio Aragonés Funnies.

After an initial untitled letters column in the first issue featuring a large graphic of assorted ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? a letters column titled Roswell's Inkwell (Fan Mail From The Far Out) appeared in the second through sixth issues of Roswell: Little Green Man.

A letters column titled Melba's Mail Pouch appeared in the two issues of Hopster's Tracks..

The Mixed Grill letters column (unnamed until the second issue) appeared in the first two (of three) issues of Fleener.

The Desparate Cries For Help page appeared in issues two through six of Heroes Anonymous.  On several occassions it included The Fake Letter Of The Month which is also documented above.

Lastly, the Mailbag section appeared in the first issue of Gary Panter's Jimbo.

Comic Fan Contests in Bongo Comics

In 1993 Itchy & Scratchy Comics #1 ran a contest to "draw the arms" on Itchy & Scratchy, supplying a page with an armless Itchy & Scratchy. Submissions from that contest were printed in Itchy & Scratchy Comics #2 and are included above.

In 1994 Bongo Comics, in conjunction with Wizard magazine, ran a contest to create a costumed super-persona for Homer Simpson. The results of that contest appeared in Bartman #3, and the Winners and all those receiving honorable mention have been painstakingly included above.

In 1996 Simpsons Comics #16 ran a contest to "replace the bolt" on Radioactive Man, supplying a page without the lightning bolt on his head. Submissions from that contest were printed in Simpsons Comics #21 and are included above.

In 1998 Roswell: Little Green Man #5 ran a contest to supply the dialogue for a drawing. The winning caption and the runner-ups were printed in Roswell: Little Green Man #6 and the names of those who supplied them are included above.

In 2012 Bongo Comics ran a contest to "Simpsonize" the first fan to send in a photo of him or herself holding all five variants of Ralph Wiggum #1.  The winner was Sam Young, who appeared in Simpsons Comics #197.

In 2013 Bongo Comics requested photos of readers wearing the Frink-O-Matic glasses supplied in the fifth One-Shot Wonder issue Professor Frink Fantastic Science Fictions #1.   Then in Simpsons Comics #202 they published twenty-eight of those photos in the section titled Frinkin' Awesome!, which was also printed in Bart Simpson #83 and Futurama Comics #67.   Since they were not (could not be) published with names and or locations they are not included in the list above.

History of Rewards

For a while Bongo Comics began awarding prizes of signed comics and original art work to the best fan art work submitted and published in Simpsons Comics. Beginning with Simpsons Comics #63 they simply began sending a free signed comic to everyone who had a drawing or letter published in any Simpson comic. This practice ended with or before the last letter published in Simpsons Comics #113, and did not resume with the publication of letters with Simpsons Comics #186.

In Futurama #2 Bongo indicated that they would "..reward the best letter and art with signed copies of Futurama Comics and sketches as well", announcing the first winners with the first letters column. In Futurama #6 Bongo indicated that "...we're making a slight change to our 'win a signed comic and original sketch for the best letter and piece of art' contest here at Bongo Comics", saying they will simply award a free comic, the "..copy of the issue in which your letter or art appears." The printing of letters ceased for a six year period after Futurama Comics #22 and the giveaway did not resume with the publication of letters in Futurama Comics #59.

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