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Simpson Family


List of Inquiries and Substantive Answers
The official Simpsons/ FAQ.
Capsule FAQs
Episode capsules FAQ.


Audio & Video Releases
A summated guide to commercial Simpsons musical albums and home videos.
DVD Companion
Easter eggs, missing bits, and such-and-such in the DVD boxed sets.
BBFC Ratings in the UK
British Board Of Film Classification's ratings for each Simpsons episode released on VHS or DVD.
The Simpsons Discography
An in-depth look at every known vinyl record, cassette and CD in existence, including rare promotional issues and other collectibles.
Simpsons Books
A list of books about The Simpsons.
Errors in The Complete Guide
A reference to factual errors in the book.
Errors in The Simpsons Forever!
Errors in the guide's sequel.
Errors in Simpsons World
Errors in the massive episode guide book covering seasons 1-20.
Simpsons Comics Guide
Information on Bongo's Simpsons comic books.
The Simpsons Illustrated Guide
Simpsons Illustrated was a quarterly magazine published from 1991 to 1993.
Simpsons Greeting Cards
Greeting cards that have been released over the years, many with sound!
Simpsons Postage Stamps
Every Simpsons issue from every country and the wide range of collectible items released in the USA.
Simpsons Games
A guide to Simpsons-related board games, handheld games, arcade games, computer software, etc.
Pinball Info
How to play The Simpsons Pinball.
The Simpsons Arcade Game
Detailed rundown of Simpsons arcade game.
The Simpsons Mystery of Life
Instructions and other information on the game.
Bart vs. The Space Mutants (NES)
Description of the home video game.
Virtual Springfield Strategy Guide
All you need know about Virtual Springfield.
The Simpsons Chess Set
How to get The Simpsons Chess Set.
Skybox Series I Trading Cards
by Alex Jones
Skybox Series II Trading Cards
by Don Del Grande
Topps Card List
Brief guide to Topps Simpsons trading cards.
Inkworks Trading Cards
Rundown of the 10th Anniversary cards.
Tempo Trading Cards
Guide to the Downunder trading cards.
Simpsons Film Cards
A look at the Artbox series.
The Simpsons Trading Card Game
Details on the game by Wizards of the Coast.
Simpsons Diamond Stickers & Albums
...and Sticker Activity Albums
Simpsons Panini 1991 Stickers & Albums
Released after the first season.
Simpsons Collectible Stickers
by Don Del Grande
Post Cards
Excerpts from The Simpsons post cards.


The Simpsons Complete Bibliography
A thorough reference to every magazine article, interview or other feature which The Simpsons has been mentioned in.
Movie References
Movie references found in each episode.
Music Featured on the Simpsons
Complete list of songs that have been sung, played, parodied and referenced on the show.
Beatles References
All references to the Fab Four on the show.
Meta References on The Simpsons
Self-references to the show and its makers.
Who's Who? ... in Springfield
Could the Comic Book Guy be modeled after Matt Groening? The answers are here.
Dearly Departed on the Simpsons
The ones we miss the most.
Religion on The Simpsons
All references to religion, Heaven and religious music, with information on the First Church of Springfield.
Folklore References
Simpsonized urban legend references galore!
The Simpsons and Computers
Every reference made to ones and zeros.
Internet References
The nerds on the Internet are not geeks.
Video Games on The Simpsons
List of video and other electronic games appeared on the show.
A State of Confusion
Simpsons references to the states, commonwealths & territories of the United States.
A Foreign Affair
References to the world outside the USA.
Irish References
Aye lass, 'tis true; The Simpsons are green.
U. S. Presidents on The Simpsons
All presidential references, large and small.
Homer Simpson and Archie Bunker
A comparison of Homer and Archie Bunker.
The Simpsons vs. Smoking
Mmmm... Caryophyllene B, benzyl acetate and L-phellandrene sandwich in a stick.
Hepped Up on Goofballs
Can you see the music?
Robots and Aliens on The Simpsons
Sassy robots and things from Uranus.
Beaver References
We don't need no stinkin' beavers, but they are listed here anyway.
Every reference to monkeys on the show.
Ivy League References
References to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc.
Swipes at Fox on The Simpsons
Jabs, pans and knocks at the beloved Fox.
O.J. Simpson References
It's not what you think...
17 Simpsons References
We obsessive, eh?
Homosexuality References
It's here, it's queer!
Life in Hell References
References made to Matt Groening's comic strip.
Batman References
The caped crusader in The Simpsons.
Star Wars References
Use the force, dude.
Hanna-Barbera References
List of references to classic cartoons.
Disney References in The Simpsons
References from Scratchtasia to Pinitchio.
Quentin Tarantino References
Reservoir cats meet natural born kissers.
Teletubbies References
Uh-ohh, the appearances of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po.


Guide To The Simpsons On The Net
History of Simpsons fan sites on the web.
Favorite Episodes
Which episodes fans and makers of the show consider best?
Favorite Characters
Favorite characters as voted by fans.
The Simpsons Geek Code
Learn the official Simpsons geek rhetoric.
Simpsons ASCII Art
Small but cute asciigram of The Simpsons from the usenet newsgroup
The Simpsons Drinking Game
How one may become intoxicated while watching The Simpsons, with helpful hints from former Executive Producer Bill Oakley.
The Simpsons Trivia Quiz
Test your Simpsons knowledge with over 250 trivia questions.
The Sol O. Mann Top 10
Trivia from a Judeo-Christian perspective.
If Itchy & Scratchy Did Monty Python
The cat and mouse who say "Ni!"
Simpsons of Borg
If the town of Springfield was assimilated...
Simpsons Anagrams
Who can you call "peevish monarchists"?
Lost Simpsons Episode
An April Fool's joke.
Super Dude Theory
Who actually killed Mr. Burns?
Flanders' Ten Commandments
For the churchgoer who has everything.
The Simpsons Purity Test
Define your degree of fandom.
Simpsons Song Parodies
A collection of parodies, sung to the tune of various Simpsons musical numbers.
Shooting Yourself in the Foot
Violence you could have seen on The Simpsons.


Episode QuickList
A brief listing of the episodes.
Writers & Directors
List of writers and directors of each episode.
Simpsons Guest Stars
A thorough list of guest appearances on the show.
Cast List
Complete list of characters and their voices.
Episodes Air Dates
Complete list of Fox network air dates.
Barter Syndication Scheduling History
Air dates list for the national back-end barter syndication runs.
Syndication Stations & Times
List of American & Canadian stations showing episodes in syndication.
Opening Sequences
Detailed description of the opening sequence, with listing of the various types of openings used.
Chalkboard Gags
Chalkboard gags seen in each episode.
Also see The Rogue Blackboard List.

Lisa's Sax Solos
A comprehensive list of saxophone solos used in the opening credits.
Couch Gags
Couch gags seen in each episode.
Billboard Openings and Ralph Quotes
As seen in the new, HD era openings. Also includes the crow appearances.
Openings Used in Syndication
Alternate chalkboards used in syndication.
Alternate End Credits
A guide to various end credits formats.
Halloween Credits
Ghoulish credits from Treehouse of Horror episodes.
Guide to Production Codes
P-codes are those cryptic letter and number combinations you see all over this site.
Broadcast Ambiguities
Strange inconsistencies observed between network broadcasts, with past instances of episode censorship.
Also see Latinamerican Ambiguities.

Awards & Honors
Detailed list of Emmy awards and many other honours given to Our Favourite Family.
Itchy & Scratchy Episodes
Episodes and appearances by our favorite cat-and-mouse team.
Tracey Ullman Shorts
List of the original Simpsons shorts.
Making of the Simpsons
Transcript of a behind-the-scenes short film.
Nazis on Tap
Thorough description of the never-aired Simpsons short, "Nazis on Tap," originally scheduled to air after Bart the Daredevil.
Simpsons Colors
Pantone & RGB colors used used in the production of Simpsons animation.


Where is Springfield?
The debate continues, and continues, and...
City Profile
What's in Springfield?
Springfield: King of all Media
Newspaper headlines, magazines, TV, radio, movies and much more.
Springfield Vacation
Travel guide to the city of Our Favorite Family.
The Simpsons Floor Plans
Detailed floor plans of The Simpsons' house and other locations in Springfield.
Golf Course Layout
Sir Putt-A-Lot's Merrie Olde Fun Center.


Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson
Ned Flanders
Comic Book Guy
Disco Stu
Lionel Hutz
Bumble Bee Guy
Hans Moleman
Troy McClure
Patty & Selma
Professor Frink
Reverend Lovejoy
Puberty Boy
Mayor Quimby
Jimbo, Dolph & Kerny
Jebediah Springfield
Captain McAllister
Principal Skinner
Ralph Wiggum
Sarcastic Middle-Aged Man
Moe Szyslak
Nelson Muntz
Happy Little Elves
Lunchlady Doris


Homer's MMMMs
Homer Says D'oh!
The "Yoink!" List
The "...Eh?" List


Prank Calls to Moe
Waylon Smithers' Sexuality
The Simpsons Song Lyrics
Internet Domains Honoring The Simpsons
When Animals Attack
The Simpsons Nudity List
Foods in The Simpsons
The Brain Speaks
Theft on The Simpsons
Violence on The Simpsons
Simpsons in Money Trouble
Eyes without a Face
License Plates Seen on The Simpsons
Three Stooges References
Mr. T References
Kent Brockman's List of Gay People
Rock Bottom's List of Corrections
Homer's Top 10 Favorite Pastimes
Planet of the Aches Clip Synopsis
Henry VIII
Do The Bartman
The Dreaded Rear Admiral

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