Lisa Simpson in Ms. Magazine

From: (Cappy Harrison)
Subject: Lisa Simpson in Ms. Magazine
Date: 11 Jul 1994 19:22:42 GMT
The July/August 1994 edition of Ms. Magazine (Volume V, Number 1) has Lisa Simpson on the cover collage and is highlighted in the article "The Many Faces of Feminism." A delightful picture of her playing her sax is placed next to the following blurb:

Lisa Simpson

Animated and liberated, Lisa Simpson wages a one-girl revolution against cartoonland patriarchy every week on Fox TV's The Simpsons, created by Matt Groening.

Whether she's marching for gay rights, subverting Thanksgiving with a tribute to forgotten formothers, or demanding equal pay for equal work during household chores, Lisa's personal is intensely political.

She told Ms. that role models like Simone de Beauvoir and George Eliot fueled her feminism, as did "The off chance that my father, Homer, and my brother, Bart - much as I love them - represent a fair cross-section of American men."

In her crusade against sexism, Lisa recently took on the makers of the talking Malibu Stacy doll - who exclaims, "I wish they taught shopping in school." She marketed her own Lisa Lionheart doll, who tells girls, "Trust in yourself and you can achieve anything!"

Despite her desire to one day be chief justice or president of the U.S., Lisa says, "I imagine that in 20 years - as during the past five seasons - I shall find myself still in the second grade at Springfield Elementary." But to her live-action sisters, she urges: "Go forth to third grade! And beyond! I'm counting on you."

(This was reprinted without permission. All typos are mine. Who says feminists don't have a sense of humor!?)

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