[3F04] Treehouse of Horror VI

Treehouse of Horror VI                      Written by Scary John Swartzwelder,
                                            Steve Tombkins and David S. Cohen  
                                                   [under a square root sign]  
                                                Directed by Bedlam Bob Anderson
Production code: 3F04                       Original airdate in N.A.: 30-Oct-95
                     Capsule revision F, 22-Feb-97 / Interim update A, 7-Nov-99

Title sequence

Opening    :- The headless horseman gallops through an eerie woods.  He
              holds up Krusty's laughing head in his left hand,
              eventually hurling it at the camera, where it splatters
              red and smears, reading "The Simpsons Halloween Special

Couch      :- The family drop down from the ceiling in front of the
              couch one at a time, their heads in nooses, their eyes

Did you notice...

    ... the equations 1 + 1 = 2, P = NP, e^(pi*i) = -1, and 1782^12 +
        1841^12 = 1922^12 in 3D land?
    ... the hexadecimal string in 3D land, "46 72 69 6E 6B 20 72 75 6C
        65 73 21", decodes as "Frink rules!" in ASCII?

Dale G. Abersold:
    ... Homer keeps a chain and grappling hook in his car?
    ... Otto has acid flashbacks?
    ... apparently Homer never attempts to eat his giant donut?
    ... the Zip Boys push their heads around in shopping carts?
    ... Norman Vincent Peale's birthplace is in Springfield?
    ... Martin begins his conjugations with the third person singular?
    ... neither Bart nor Lisa attempt to hide behind the coats?

Don Del Grande:
    ... Maggie falls for the first time since 1F22 (she falls the
        morning after the last nightmare)?
    ... the school meeting is on Friday the 13th (of Smarch)?
    ... Maggie reaching out for the bag of shells?
    ... Maggie banging her shell against the ground?

Doug Yovanovich:
    ... Ralph Wiggum's arm is in a cast?

Joe Manfre:
    ... Chief Wiggum has his badge on the left (i.e. correct) side

Adam Lipkin:
    ... the Lard Lad uses the KBBL tower to roll his donut?
    ... it's 1:55 at the Ad Agency?
    ... Milhouse's glasses, from behind, stick out away from his head
        instead of hooking behind his ears?
    ... Krusty's uniform says `Krustofsky' on the back, and he's number
    ... when you think about it, the whole nightmare sequence is Homer's
        fault?  (by turning up the thermostat)

Ricardo Lafaurie:
    ... the graveyard sequence isn't used in this episode?
    ... the "Technical Difficulties" music is different than that used
        in 9F04 and 1F04?
    ... the aliens aren't in their spaceship, and they don't laugh?
    ... Sherri & Terri's mother at the meeting?
    ... the music playing when Homer looks into the aquarium?
    ... 3D Homer's hairs cast a shadow on his head?
    ... the credits for the people walking in the "Real World"?
    ... the extreme meta-humor in "Homer^3"?
    ... the 3D animation was produced by Pacific Data Images?

Dominik Halas:
    ... it becomes cloudy very very quickly?
    ... one of the Zip Boys is smoking a cigar?
    ... the Zip Boys using shopping carts to hold up their heads?
    ... the alien ship arriving in the background?
    ... Lisa rides her bike to the ad agency?
    ... Grampa wearing a jacket in the first segment?
    ... Smarch has 28 days?
    ... at the start of Bart's second dream, the vines in the lower
        right appear to spell out "LISA"?
    ... Homer's bowling ball in the closet?
    ... the books on the whatchamacallit case are arranged by color?
    ... Patty and Selma arrive at 10:15?
    ... the teapot in the third dimension?
    ... Frink's hair flies up each time Wiggum fires his gun?
    ... Homer's reflection in the window of the Erotic Cakes shop?

Tony Hill:
    ... in the U.S., this ep was sponsored by THE ARMY!?  [but a more
        alarmist name would be "The Killbot Factory" - ed]
    ... Lard Lad was Copyrighted 1947 even though it was the grand
    ... Lard Lad kicks the dog like a ball?
    ... Bart and Lisa use a money channel to keep them awake?
    ... Evergreen Terrace is on a bus route?
    ... Patty asks Marge "How's it hangin'?"
    ... the wall is faded behind the bookcase?
    ... Homer says "piece of cake" as he jumps...and ends up in a cake

Jose Lafaurie:
    ... in Bart's dream there are no black defining outlines?
    ... the advertising guy calls Lisa "sir"?

Brian Westley:
    ... the teapot in 3D land?  (A teapot was the first computer-
        generated image, and is often included in CG-things as an inside
    ... the upper cake on the left has a Bettie Page frosting on it?

Elaine Perttula:
    ... Grampa holds up all four fingers when he says he needs four
        stout men to work the bellows?

Jussi Pakkanen:
    ... there's no disclaimer?
    ... the advertising guy has books under the legs of his table?
    ... SLH's accent?
    ... Martin plays RPGs?
    ... the coffee machine next to the couch?
    ... the bowling ball in the closet?
    ... Wiggum denies thrice having seen Tron?

Greg Galon:
    ... spider Willy has six legs, unlike normal arachnids which have

Voice credits

- Starring
    - Dan Castellaneta (Homer, Willy, Abe, Krusty)
    - Julie Kavner (Marge, Patty, Selma)
    - Nancy Cartwright (Bart, Nelson)
    - Yeardley Smith (Lisa)
    - Hank Azaria (donut sales kid, crazy old man, Wiggum, Lou, Mr. Van
      Houten, Frink)
    - Harry Shearer (radio announcer, Kent Brockman, Otto, Ned,
      advertising agent, Kang, Kodos, Skinner, Lovejoy, Hibbert)
- Special Guest Voice
    - Paul Anka (himself)
    - Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Krabappel)
- Also Starring
    - Russi Taylor (Martin)

Movie (and other) references

[the most ever?  - ed]

  + "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
    - Krusty as the Headless Horseman in the opening sequence
  + "Attack of the 50-foot Woman"
    - first segment title
    - similar plot: large creatures rampage
  + "Godzilla"
    - Lard Lad's roar is identical
  + "Big Boy" {av}
    - "Lard Lad" is very similar to the restaurant chain's huge statue
  + "Pep Boys" (Manny, Joe, and Mack) {ddg}
    - the three "Zip Boys" on the sign
    - the Pep Boys represent a chain of auto parts stores {av}
  + Miller Genuine Draft ads {av}
    - Duff cowboy similar to the cowboy on the neon marquee of the
      Frontier casino in Las Vegas, which comes to life and goes off
      with a cowgirl sign
  + Western Exterminator Co.  {ert}
    - the guy in the black suit and top hat (see below)
  + "Mr. Peanut" {av}
    - the Planters character eats humans the same way people eat peanuts
  + "Ghostbusters"
    - Lard Lad rampaging through the city similar to Sta-Puf Marshmallow
      Man's behavior
  + "Mork and Mindy"
    - one of the aliens says "Shazbot", a trademark Mork (Robin
      Williams) curse
  + "Nightmare on Elm Street"
    - second segment title
    - much of plot:
        - kids being in real danger in their dreams
        - Willy dresses like Freddy Kruger: brown hat, striped sweater
        - he uses a rake to scratch Bart's stomach, similar to Kruger's
          glove with knives on the hand
        - Martin dies in class, just like the girl who dies of an asthma
          attack {hl}
  + Tex Avery/Hanna Barbera/Warner Brothers animation
    - animation in Bart's dream is HB-esque
    - the eyes popping out of his head is in the style of Avery
    - Bart holding up "Help me" sign just like Wile E. Coyote, the
      Warner Bros. character
  + "The Pagemaster" {av}
    - Martin's dream
  + "Maximum Overdrive" {np}
    - killer Willy tractor tries running over Bart like in the movie;
      the playground looks the same
  + "Terminator II" {al}
    - Willy morphs into various things while sinking into sand (cf.
      T1000 morphing while sinking into molten steel)
  + "It" {av}
    - Willy turns into a giant spider that eats kids
  + "Alien^3" {mkn}
    - segment title written similarly
  + "Twilight Zone" episode "Little Girl Lost"
    - much of plot of third segment:
        - a little girl goes through her bedroom wall into another
          dimension (the fourth, in her case)
        - a physics expert comes in to explain what has happened {bw}
        - the picture Frink draws on the wall is the same {sf}
        - the muted guitar during Frink's explanation {rl}
        - the girl's father (in this case, Bart) goes in to save her but
          remains partially grounded in this dimension {bw}
    - Homer even says it's like the twilighty show about that zone
  + "Tron" {bdp}
    - the green grid looks as though it's from the movie
  + The video game "Myst"
    - the building in the third dimension is the library from the game
    - the music is similar
  + "Beyond The Mind's Eye" {rl}
    - the aquarium in 3D land is very similar; Homer's drool is like the
      rain in the opening of "Afternoon Adventure"
    - a prolonged echoing note is played in this part
    - the closing credits music is in the style of Jan Hammer, who did
      the music for "The Mind's Eye"
  + "The Black Hole" {ddg}
    - a graph bending into a hole
  + "Poltergeist"
    - reverse-gating effect on Homer's voice similar to Carol-Ann's
    - "Move into the light" the same
    - Bart with rope around waist similar too {wv}
  + "Flatland"
    - Frink illustrating how to make a cube from a square very similar
  + "Howard the Duck"
    - Homer landing in a dumpster when he appears in our world
    - similar animation of Homer walking down the street
  + "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" {rl}
    - Dan Castellaneta's name in the credits
  + Mighty Morphin Power Rangers {rl}
    - supervising producer is "Mikey Mighty Morphin Scully"
  + "The Shining" {rl}
    - producer is "Redrum Richard Raynis"
  + "The Terminator" {rl}
    - Travis "The Terminator" Powers
    - the lightning crackles just before Homer appears in our world {jp}

Previous episode references

- [7F01] "Just resting my eyes!" is said {av}
- [7F04] A vortex to another dimension {rl}
- [8F02] "Mmm...sprinkles!" by Homer {dh}
- [9F04], [1F04], [2F03] "The Late Bill Oakley & The Estate of Josh
  Weinstein" {rl}
- [9F07] Homer wears his Mr. Plow jacket at the school meeting {dy}
- [9F09] Homer's blubber wiggles {dh}
- [9F09], [9F10] Birthplace of famous person destroyed {rl}
- [9F14] Otto mentions acid {dy}
- [9F15], [1F09] Homer says "We'll be right back" to a camera {ddg}
- [9F18], [1F19], [2F32] Lunch Lady Doris appears in her other role as
  school nurse {dy}
- [2F03] The Glenn Ford movie is 1947 (cf. Lard Lad) {jm}
- [2F03] Several of the "scary credits" reused from it {rl}
- [2F03] Moe opens his eyes when hung (cf. family in couch) {rl}
- [2F32] Bart's belief in reincarnation {rl}

Freeze frame fun

- The opening credits (commas indicate names that were on separate
  lines, except as noted): {ddg}
    - Co-Executive Producer GREG DANIELS' BLOATED BODY
    - Co-Executive Producer GEORGE "GHOSTIE" MEYER
    - Supervising Producer MIKEY MORPHIN POWER SCULLY
    - Supervising Producer "IT CAME FROM STEVE TOMPKINS"
      (note each 2 is a superscript and may have been "2X")
    - Consulting Producer DECADENT DAVID MIRKIN
    - Consulting Producers MEAN AL JEAN & THE ABOMINABLE DR.  REISS
    - Consulting Producer IAN HEADSTONE-GRAHAM
    - Produced by J. MALEFIC MENDEL
    - Produced by REDRUM RICHARD SAKAI
      square root sign) DAVID S. COHEN (this appeared with the comma and
      the "AND")
- Lard Lad Donut Boy: {rl}
     Grand Opening
- The mascots: {ddg}
    - LARD LAD DONUTS (boy)
    - ZIP BOYS (three men with large heads)
    - TAM O'SHANTER (giant hat)
    - ALADDIN'S MAGIC CARPETS (manon flying carpet)
    - ?  (Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe)
    - DUFF BEER (cowboy)
    - CHANNEL 6 NEWS (Kent Brockman)
    - RED DEVIL REALTY (devil)
    - (Not named) PLANTER'S PEANUTS (Mr. Peanut)
    - ?  (Man in top hat and tuxedo with mallet - I've seen a
      exterminator use that mascot but I can't remember the name (Rose
      Pest Control?) and think it's local)
- Signs in ad agency: {rl}
 -   50 Million
  Cigarette Smokers
 - (against backdrop of U.S. flag)
   If you LIKE
 |    |
 |    |
 |    |
 |    |
 |___You'll LOVE
       Laramie Septic
- Front line of people when the mascots die: {rl}
    - Dr. Hibbert, Dr. Riviera, Rev. Lovejoy, Otto, Ms.  Hoover, Jasper
- Birthplace destroyed: {rl}
   Norman Vincent Peale
- Writing on the blackboard: {rl}
    - Translations courtesy of {th}; asterisks denote incorrect forms
   Columns 1 and 2:
   Danto                          Amandus
   Amavist                        Supersum (I am left over)
   Amaviss                        Superesse (To be left over)
   Amaver                         Superfui (I was left over)
   Delevisti (I destroyed)        Memini (To remember)
   Delevisse                      Memiseram
   Deleverunt (They destroyed)    Memineri
   Miror (I marvel at)            Morire (To die)
   Miraris (You marvel at)        Morit (He/she/it dies*)
   Miratur (He/she/it marvels at) Moris (You die*)
   Haurio (I draw up)             Desum (I am off)
   Haurire (To draw up)           Deesse (To be off)
   Hausi (I drew up)              Defui (To have been off)
   Column 3:
   Veritas (Truth [the only noun])
   Prosum (I am useful)
   Prodesse (To be useful)
   Profui (I was useful)
   Dederli   Derimus
   Subsum (I am below)
   Subesse (To be below)
   Subfui (I was below*)
- Meeting at school: {rl}
- Willy morphs into an elephant, tank, missile, and huge bagpipe {rl}
- The closing credits: {ddg}
    - Starring Dan CastellanetaarghaGAHEEGA (Smash) Gurgle Mr. Hyde,
    - Special Guest Voices: PAUL ANKA, MARCIA WALLACE
    - Also Starring: RUSSI BIG TOMBS TAYLOR
    - Animation Executive Producer PHANTOM PHIL ROMAN
    - Executive Consultant BRAD "THE IMPALER" BIRD
    - Live Action Directed By DECADENT DAVID MIRKIN
    - Staff Writer DEAD-EYE DAN GREANEY
    - Associate Producer COLIN "CHOPPER" MOZART
    - Music Decomposed By SHEER TERROR CLAUSEN
    - Post Production Supervisor ALLISON CHAINS ELLIOTT
    - Animation Production Coordinator for Gracie Films JOEL KUWA-HORROR
    - Post Production Coordinators DOMI "BLACKULA" BRO, THUG WARNER
    - Dialogue Sound Editors BOBBY "THE SCARY MASK" MACKSTON, MARK "THE
    - Music Murderer LUGUBRIOUS LEDESMA
    - Sound Effects Editor TRAVIS "THE TREPHINATOR" POWERS
    - Re-Recording Mixers RUSTY "BLADE" SMITH, GREG "BORIS" ORLOFF
    - Executive Vice-President for Gracie Films DENISE "666" SIRKOT
    - Creative Consultant WOTSA MATTA U. GROENING
    - Executive Creative Consultant JAMES HELL BROOKS

Animation, continuity, and other goofs

How could Homer have gotten the giant donut inside the house?  {ddg}

The message left by the footprint should have been backwards; it would
have been normal when written on the giant mascot itself.  {ddg}

Kent Brockman is eaten by a mascot, yet he appears intact in the end.

The first time Lisa is seen facing left in the schoolyard, all of her
hair is there; only after she shows the cut-off part to Bart is it shown
missing.  {ddg}

Sherri and Terri's dresses had slashes on them; they must have been
wearing them when they had their nightmares.  {ddg}

Usually, the BETTER a school does on a standardized test, the more money
it receives.  (There's a story of a school in California whose sixth
graders threatened to do poorly on a test unless the class got a cut of
the additional money.)  {ddg}

When Martin is asleep in class, Lewis can be seen in the background, but
after Martin's death Lewis seems to disappear in other angles.  {jm}

Martin's Latin is wrong (see below).

Lisa's hair grows back.  {ddg}

Lisa doesn't open the can of Buzz cola before putting the baby bottle
top on it and giving it to Maggie.  {ddg}

The pets don't leave a bulge in the carpet when they hide under it.

When everyone gasps in "Homer^3", Marge's shoes are green.  {rl}

Bart's rope appears out of nowhere.  {jp}

When Homer goes into "Erotic Cakes", the door is already open but we
hear a "door-opening" sound effect.


Dale G. Abersold: Much better than ToH V, although I did miss any
    attempt to "frame" the vignettes.  "Attack" seemed like an
    afterthought, but "Nightmare" was hilarious, and "Homer^3" was a
    pleasant surprise (although the ending left me scratching my head.
    Erotic Cakes?  What the...) Grade: A-

Mark Richey: I wished that they had forgotten the first part and had
    given us more "Homer^3".  Finally, heavy hype that lives up to the
    billing.  Averaging my three grades together gives a B+ for the

Don Del Grande: A-Minus - not quite up to the standard of last year, but
    still a funny episode; the live-action sequence at the end made up
    for an otherwise boring 3-D segment.

Chris Berg: The 3D Homer was better than I thought and IMHO one of the
    coolest things they've ever done.  I also think the key was to focus
    it on Homer and not anyone else.  I think the writers have come to
    realize who the real star of the show is.

Scott Fujimoto: The first story was OK, but nothing special.  Grade: B-.
    The second story was funnier, and Maggie finally got some action!
    Grade: B+/A-The third story was very different type of episode.
    Nicely done, both in computer animation and writing, right up to the
    ending.  Grade: A.

Joe Manfre: "50 ft eyesores" I enjoyed due to the "ignore the ads"
    ending (not so predictable), "Nightmare" was hilarious and another
    inspired use of Groundskeeper Willie, "Homer^3" was high on fx and
    low on inspiration but still fun and weird.  I'm a sucker for
    Halloween specials so I give it A-.

Adam Lipkin: Individually-- Attack: B-, Nightmare: B+, Homer^3: A.
    Attack's ending fell very flat very fast.  Yet another pointless
    celebrity cameo.  Nightmare worked very well, but again, the very
    end was weak.  Homer^3 was great all the way through.  Frink was
    hilarious.  Overall, a B+.

Ricardo Lafaurie: "Attack" -- A rather lifeless outing.  D. "Nightmare"
    -- Ooh, creepy.  Still, I'd rather have him chasing me than the
    Wolfman.  C+.  "Homer^3" -- HOLY MACARONI!  A. Overall -- Still
    would rather watch it than It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  I
    want the graveyard back.  B-

Jose Lafaurie: I thought this Simpsons episode sucked.  I mean, did it
    suck or what?  And Homer^3 was just trying to camouflage the fact
    that...it sucked!  And you know, what a way to cap an episode.
    Homer's in the real world nd goes into Erotic Cakes stores.  So?
    What happens next.  Credits...It sucked.  D-

Dominik Halas: The first segment fell flat; however, the second act was
    more up to form, and the third act was awesome!  The animation was
    an incredible sight to behold, and the act was also brilliantly
    funny.  Homer^3 is one of the all-time best Halloween bits they've
    done.  Grade: A-.

John Martin: The "50 ft. eyesores" bit was an A. Loved the donut boy
    punting the dog down the street!  "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace"
    was a B+.  Great parody of Freddy Krueger flicks.  Homer^3 was a
    C+/B-, however.  This one wasn't that funny.  The writers just
    thought "we'll wow 'em with the computer graphics!"  Overall, a high

Tony Hill: It had its funny moments ("Aren't you tired of always being
    wrong?") and Homer and Bart in 3D will be memorable.  It was
    especially clever having SLH & S II appear as two-dimensional
    figures foreshadowing Homer's odyssey.  But the acerbic wit just
    wasn't there.  I give it a C+.

Yours truly: I didn't like "Attack" much (Anka was gratuitous), but
    loved the "Nightmare" takeoff (lots of great refs) and "Homer^3",
    which was an interesting concept and well-done.  I'd rank the THoH
    series from best to worst as II, V, IV, VI, I, III.  Grade: B.

Comments and other observations

The mascot with the black suit and top hat

Elson Trinidad says this mascot "is a ref to Western Exterminator Co., a
    Los Angeles-based pest control company, whose logo is a man in a top
    hat and black suit leaning over a rat with one hand shaking its
    index finger in a `no, no, no!' position and the other hand behind
    its back with a mallet.  If you're in L.A., the Western Exterminator
    logo can be seen from the Hollywood Freeway, near the Vermont Ave
    exit.  Van Halen borrowed the Western Exterminator man and the rat
    for its `1984' world tour logo."

The "Where's the Beef?" woman

This phrase has been used more than once in "The Simpsons".  Tony Hill
    gives some background: "Clara Peller was an octogenarian who did ads
    for Wendy's in which she mocked other chains' smaller burgers.  Her
    trademark lines were `Where's the beef?' and `That's a very large
    bun'.  `Where's the beef' became a well-known expression when Walter
    Mondale, running for President in 1984, challenged Gary Hart to put
    some meat in his campaign proposals.  Mondale was boosted on to
    nomination.  Peller, however, was fired by Wendy's after she did an
    ad for a dog food company using the line `I found the beef.'  She
    died a few years later.  The Mondale-Hart exchange was referenced in
    `Lisa's First Words'."

Paul Anka

Tony Hill writes, "Paul Anka, a Canadian singer-songwriter, originally
    claimed to be a rock and roll star (`Diana', `Puppy Love'), but of
    late, he is known as a MOR nightclub singer (`You're Havin' My
    Baby', `My Way')."  He wrote the theme for the "Tonight Show" too, I
    believe, and I heard he gets royalties every single time it gets
    played.  (Incidentally, he appears as a teenager in the movie
    "Girls' Town" starring Mamie Van Doren and Mel Torme, which was
    spoofed on "Mystery Science Theater" as the first show of their
    sixth season.  In "The Simpsons", his nose seemed large -- almost
    like in "Girls' Town".  Didn't he get a nose job?)

Norman Vincent Peale

Tony Hill explains, "The Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, author of `The Power
    of Positive Thinking,' was one of the founders of the self-help
    movement and was for many years the minister at Marble Collegiate
    Church in New York.  For the Where-Is-Springfield set, he was born
    in Bowersville, Ohio in 1898.  He died on Christmas Eve in 1993."

Martin's Latin

Christopher Jones corrects, "There is no verb `morire' in Latin.  The
    word he wants is `mori' (a deponent verb), to die; `moritur',
    he/she/it dies; `moreris', you die.  The incorrect `morire' is also
    included on the blackboard behind."

"That wheelchair guy"

Homer is referring to Stephen Hawking, author of the bestselling "A
    Brief History of Time" which talks a fair amount about black holes.
    Hawking is in a wheelchair because he has ALS, a degenerative
    disease that leaves one's mind intact while rendering the body


Ricardo Lafaurie says, "`Tron' was a Disney movie back in the early '80s
    (that era of free spending) with some pretty cruddy computer
    animation.  It bombed, and no one watched it (except for perhaps me
    [and Chief Wiggum and Homer - ed]).  The landscape of the third
    dimension has a similarity to the landscape in the movie."

Some of the equations in 3D land

>>> 734

This is most probably a reference to the fact that when you write "7734"
    on a calculator and turn it upside down, it looks as though it reads
    "HELL".  Perhaps the three-letter version "HEL" in 3D land is like
    the "LUV" and "HAT" tattoos on Sideshow Bob's hands?

>>> e^(i*pi) = -1

This is called "Euler's formula", where "e" is the natural logarithm
    base (2.71828...), "i" is the square root of -1, and "pi" is the
    ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (3.141593...

>>> P = NP

This is an unproven conjecture from computer science.  Luis Dissett
    explains, "`P' is the set of decision problems (i.e., problems that
    have a YES or a NO for answer) that can be solved in polynomial
    time; `NP' is the set of decision problems for which, if the answer
    is YES, then that can be proved in polynomial time.  These two sets
    are not necessarily equal, but they are not necessarily different
    either.  Whether they are equal or not is one of the major open
    problems in theoretical Computer Science."

>>> rho(m0) > 3(H_0)^2 / 8 (pi) G

Robert Mellish writes that this equation is from cosmology and is part
    of Einstein's General Relativity work.  "H sub 0 is the Hubble
    constant, and G is the gravitational constant.  It's the formula for
    working out the critical density of the universe.  If the density of
    the universe is greater than the critical density, it will
    eventually collapse back on itself -- that is what the formula is
    saying.  Hey, and they said physics was useless..."

>>> 1782^12 + 1841^12 = 1922^12

Without calculating it exactly, this equation cannot hold for two

    - 1782^12 is even, 1841^12 is odd, and thus their sum is odd, but
      1922^12 is even
    - it contradicts Fermat's last theorem, which says that x^n+y^n=z^n
      for x, y, and z positive integers is never true for n greater than
      two.  Pierre Fermat, a French mathematician, wrote in a notebook
      in 1787 that he had a wonderful proof for this theorem, only that
      the margin was too small to contain it.  No one managed to prove
      it until 1993 when Andrew Wiles, a professor at Princeton,
      succeeded.  It is widely believed now that Fermat had no easy
      proof for it; Wiles' proof is over 200 pages long.
      The exact values are close:
      1782^12 = 1025397835622633634807550462948226174976
      1841^12 = 1515812422991955541481119495194202351681
          sum = 2541210258614589176288669958142428526657
      1922^12 = 2541210259314801410819278649643651567616

I feel like I'm wasting a fortune just standing here!

As Ondre Lombard explains, Homer really isn't wasting any money at all:
    "Writer David S. Cohen approached David Silverman with the idea of
    a computer-animated sequence.  The 'Simpsons' staff went to 
    California-based computer animation company Pacific Data Images,
    which set aside a portion of their budget for self-promotional
    projects.  PDI was quite eager to get world-wide exposure and sank
    their self-promotional budget into 'Homer ^3' -- giving 'Treehouse
    of Horror VI' a segment animated free of charge."

Where the "Erotic Cakes" store is

Elson Trinidad writes that it's at Ventura Blvd. at Ventura Canyon Av.
    in Sherman Oaks, California.  "I was in the Valley today and decided
    to take a stab at the location.  My positive clues -- it's in the
    west-central part of LA's San Fernando Valley, along the 13500 block
    of some street.  There were about 8 or so possible locations,
    thankfully I followed my first instinct: Ventura Blvd, the main
    shopping thoroughfare in the south portion of the Valley.
    There is no real `Erotic Cakes' storefront; that was made up for the
    scene.  The real storefront is Rose Photography, 13567 Ventura Blvd.
    The establishment appears to be mostly vacant, save for a few
    ladders.  It's right between Yoshi's Japanese Restaurant (red roof)
    and The Coffee Roaster.
    The other stores in the background were there: `..SS MACHINES'
    (House of Business Machines), `INTERIOR DESIGN' (Sherman Oaks
    Interior Design), `TAILORS' (Hernandez Bros.  Tailors) and `AMBER
    JEWELRY' (actually, Earthly Treasures, with `Amber Jewelry' on the
    side awning).  And yes, there is a `THAI' restaurant farther east,
    in the distance."

Quotes and Scene Summary

First segment title: "Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores"

Homer drives down a road.

Homer: Ah, the miracle mile, where value wears a neon sombrero and
       there's not a single church or library to offend the eye.
        [spots "Lard Lad Donuts" and its tubby boy statue holding a
       donut over his head]
       There it is!  The chain that put the "fat" in "fat Southern
        [walks in to the store]
       I want a colossal donut, just like the one on the sign.
        [gets handed a regular-sized donut]
       D'oh!  Nuts.  That's false advertising!
  Kid: Sorry, sir, no refunds.
Homer: [menacing] I paid for a colossal donut, and I'm going to get a
       colossal donut!  [walks out]
  Kid: You don't scare us!
-- Homer threatens pastry revenge, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Homer drives back home to get some equipment, then returns to the Lard
Lad Donuts boy.  He listens to the radio on the way as the weather turns

Announcer: Astronomers from Tacoma to Vladivostok have just reported an
           ionic disturbance in the vicinity of the Van Allen Belt.
           Scientists are recommending that necessary precautions be
    Homer: [scoffs] Eggheads.  What do they know?
-- Homer denounces the familiae scientia, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Donning pantyhose to conceal his identity, he swings a chain with a hook
around several times and releases it.  It attaches itself around the
donut on the first shot.  He hooks the other end to his car and stomps
the gas, eventually dislodging the giant metal donut.  He drives away
giggling, "I got your donut, Lard Lad!  And what are _you_ going to do
about it?"

Just then, the ionic disturbance creates a bolt of specially-charged
lightning that strikes the Lard Lad, bringing him to life.  His head
swivels around to watch Homer's receding car and his brow furrows.  He
tears his feet loose from the bolts in the ground holding them and howls
just like Godzilla.  All the other giant statues along the miracle mile
come to life too and look in the direction of Homer's car.

Homer puts the giant metal donut in his living room and drinks a beer on
top of it in his underwear.

Marge: [walking in] Homer!  Where did you get that?
Homer: [pause] Get what?
Marge: That giant donut.
Homer: Well, I acquired it legally.  You can be sure of that.
-- Found out, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

The giant neon cowboy on the Duff Beer billboard comes to life and tips
his hat to a nearby group of people cheering him on.  "Dude, you're
huge!" says one as the cowboy steps out of the sign.  "Yeah, let's
party, baby," says another.  The cowboy uses his neon beer bottle to
squish the crowd.

The three Zip Boys (huge heads on tiny bodies) come to life and hop off
the top of the store roof, grinning and growling amongst themselves.
The crazy old man comes out and hollers, "Fellas!  Where are you going
at this hour?"  Their heads, being so huge, fall to the ground under
their own weight and they drag them away.  "Hey!  Don't scratch up them
heads!" calls the old man.

Kent Brockman delivers a news report about it from atop a building as
the mascots wreck things in the background.

Kent: Good morning, everybody.  Panic is gripping Springfield as giant
      advertising mascots rampage through the city.  Perhaps it's part
      of some daring new ad campaign, but what new product could justify
      such carnage?
       [behind him, a poster of himself comes to life]
      A cleanser?  A fat-free fudge cake that doesn't let you down in
      the flavor department like so many others?  Would --
       [he gets grabbed by his giant doppelganger]
      D-ooh!  Let me go -- no!  Stop!  No!
       ["Technical difficulties" sign appears]
-- Newscaster Brockman has been eaten, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

The Red Devil Realty mascot (a devil) picks up the schoolbus full of
children.  "Man, another acid flashback," says Otto.  "I'd hate to be
driving a bus right now!"  Elsewhere, Mr. Peanut, the Planters mascot,
picks up a car full of people, opens it like a peanut, and pops the
people into his mouth.

Chief Wiggum spies a large man walking out of a store.  He pulls his gun
and shoots him dead.  He and Lou go over to inspect the body.

Wiggum: Aw, they're not so tough.
   Lou: Um...Chief, that wasn't a monster.  That was the captain of the
        high school basketball team.
Wiggum: Uh, yeah, well, he was turning into a monster.  Yeah.
-- Shoot first, make justifications later, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

The Red Devil approaches Springfield Elementary, towering over it.  On
his shoulder, Bart says into his right ear, "What are you waiting for?
Wreck the school.  You know you wanna."  The devil appears pensive; into
his left ear, Bart says in a different voice, "I agree: destroy the
school."  This seems to be the impetus the devil needs: he crushes the
school with his hoof.

At the Simpson house, the doorbell rings.

Homer: [answering door] Hello?  Yes?  Oh.
        [sees that it's Lard Lad]
       Heh heh.  If you're looking for that big donut of yours, um...
       Flanders has it.  Just smash open his house.
        [shut door; the sound of giant footsteps recedes]
       He came to life.  Good for him!
        [Smash!  Crumble!  Tinkle!]
        [giant footsteps approach; the doorbell rings]
        [Homer opens the door]
  Ned: [running away] Help me, Lord!
Homer: I told you!  Flanders has it.  Or Moe.  Go kill Moe!
Marge: [arriving home in the car] Homer, just give him the donut!  Once
       he has it, that will be the end of all this horror.
Homer: Well...OK.  If it'll end horror.
-- Cogent arguments, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

With his donut back, Lard Lad stands triumphantly in his usual pose --
but only for a couple of seconds.  He uses the donut to smash the
Simpsons roof and a nearby car, kicks a barking dog like a football, and
rakes his donut along the roof of every house down the block.  "Don't
you ever get tired of being wrong all the time?"  Homer asks Marge.

Downtown Springfield is a scene of terrible carnage as the monsters
wreak havoc.  "These monsters are destroying everything and everyone we
hold dear!" laments Marge.  "And you kids should have jackets on."  Lisa
notices a copyright stamp in Lard Lad's footprint, with the name of the
company that built him, and she rides her bike there.

Lisa: If your advertising agency created all those giant characters, you
      must know how to stop them.
 Man: Well sir, advertising is a funny thing.  If people stop paying
      attention to it, pretty soon, it goes away.
Lisa: Like that old woman who couldn't find the beef?
 Man: Exactly.  If you stop paying attention to the monsters, they'll
      lose their powers.
Lisa: But people can't help looking at them.  They're wrecking the town.
       [out the window, the monsters wreck the town]
 Man: You know, maybe a jingle would help.
       [plays a piano arpeggio, sings] Don't watch the mon --
       [plays another arpeggio] Don't watch the...monsters-s-s.
       [chuckles] Well, it'll sound a lot better coming out of Paul
-- The medium is the message, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Outside, a crowd of people watch the monsters.  Lard Lad bashes Jebediah
Springfield with his donut.  Lisa addresses them with a megaphone.

    Lisa: Hey, Springfield!  Are you suffering from the heartbreak
          of...Monster-itis?  Then take a tip from Mr. Paul Anka!
           [Paul waves, begins playing a small synthesizer and singing]
          To stop those monsters, one-two-three,
          Here's a fresh new way that's trouble-free.
          It's got Paul Anka's guarantee...[winks]
    Lisa: [singing] Guarantee void in Tennessee.
Together: [singing] Just don't look.  Just don't look.
           [people turn away; the monsters turn to look]
          Just don't look.  Just don't look.
           [more people turn away]
          Just don't look.  Just don't look.
           [the monsters try to destroy things faster, but start
-- The power of music, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Paul Bunyon falls on the Springfield General Hospital, his ox Babe
destroys the birthplace of Jebediah Springfield, and a flying magic
carpet destroys the birthplace of Norman Vincent Peale.

 Lisa: [jubilant] It worked!  They're all dead.
 Bart: Well, except for chubsy-ubsy over there.
        [everyone turns and gasps]
        [Lard Lad tempts Homer with the giant donut]
Homer: Mmm...sprinkles.
Marge: Homer!  Stop looking.
 Lisa: Don't make us poke your eyes out, Dad.
        [they drag him away]
Homer: [groaning] Oh!
        [Lard Lad collapses]
-- The demise of the pudgy one, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

As Lard Lad falls, his donut rolls away.  Kodos and Kang, meanwhile, are
trying to hitch a ride in the middle of the desert with a sign saying
"Earth Capital".

Kodos: Here comes something!
 Kang: Remember the story: we're newlyweds on our way to Earth Capital.
        [the donut rolls by as Kang smiles]
       Oh, Shazbot.
-- Kang calling Orson?, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

 Kent: Even as I speak, the scourge of advertising could be heading
       toward _your_ town!  Lock your doors, bar your windows, because
       the next advertisement you see could destroy your house and eat
       your family!
Homer: [smarmy] We'll be right back.
-- Cut to commercial, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

[End of Act One.  Time: 6:26]

Segment two title: "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace"

Bart plays frisbee with SLH as a goofy rendition of "Pop Goes the
Weasel" plays in the background.

 Bart: OK, boy: catch the frisbee.
        [SLH does so]
       Good catch, boy!
  SLH: [taking the frisbee from his mouth] Thanks, Bart.
        [throws it at him; it hits Bart in the face]
        [Bart does a flip; "NO SALE" appears in his eyes and birds fly
       around his head]
  SLH: Oh, hard luck.
        [Bart shakes his head to clear it, then spots Willy dressed as
       Freddy Krueger, holding a rake]
 Bart: Aah!  [his eyes bulge out]
        [Willy brandishes the rake; Bart holds up a "Help me!" sign]
Willy: Glad to rake your acquaintance.  [laughs evilly]
        [he swipes at Bart, who wakes up yelling]
 Bart: [sighs] Ohh...it was only a dream.
        [sees the scrapes on his stomach] Aah!
Homer: [elsewhere, sounding worried] Bart!  Is that you?
 Bart: Yes!
Homer: Take out the garbage.
-- All work and no play, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Bart relates the creepy tale to his chums in the schoolyard.

   Bart: And then he raked me across the chest!  And the weirdest thing
         was, it was that school janitor who mysteriously disappeared:
         Groundskeeper Willy!
   Lisa: [gasps] Oh my God!  Bart, Groundskeeper Willy was in my
         nightmare too!  [holds open hand] But he got me with hedge
          [her hair is missing two spikes]
 Nelson: [gleaming] He ran his floor buffer over me.
Skinner: [walking up, chuckling] Children, I couldn't help monitoring
         your conversation.  There's no mystery about Willy.  Why, he --
         simply disappeared.  Now, let's have no more curiosity about
         this bizarre cover-up.
-- Exit Skinner, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Mrs. Krabappel hands out a test to Bart's class.

  Edna: Remember, class: the worse you do on this standardized test, the
        more funding the school gets.  So don't knock yourselves out.
        You have three hours to --
Martin: [joyous] Finished!
  Edna: [grunts] Then put your head down on your desk and sit quietly.
Martin: Ah, a duet of pleasures.  [does so]
-- Martin, musical, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

In his dream, Martin is dressed as a wizard.

Martin: I am the wondrous wizard of Latin!  I am a dervish of declension
        and a conjurer of conjugation, with a million hit points and
        maximum charisma.
         [spots a blackboard with verbs written all over it]
        Aha!  "Morire": to die.  "Morit": he, she, or it dies.
         [Willy morphs out of the blackboard; Martin gasps]
 Willy: "Moris": _you_ die.
Martin: Aah!  [runs off]
 Willy: [laughs] You've mastered a dead tongue, but can you handle a
        live one?
         [his tongue shoots out of his mouth, wraps around Martin, and
        squeezes him]
         [in class, Martin twists and screams, then collapses on the
Nelson: Ha ha!
-- "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Martin's body is laid on a trolley with a sheet over it.

 Skinner: Wheel him out quietly.  It's best the children don't see.
           [Lunch Lady Doris starts wheeling out the trolley]
           [the sheet, stuck under Skinner's foot, comes off]
Children: [seeing Martin's twisted features] Aah!
 Skinner: Oh, just get it out of here.
          Not into the kindergarten!  [more screams from outside]
-- Traumatizing the wee ones, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

When Bart and Lisa arrive home, they burst in with the news.

 Lisa: Mom!  Dad!  Martin died at school today!
Marge: Mmm!  I don't see what that has to do with Groundskeeper Willy.
 Bart: [pause] Umm...we didn't mention Groundskeeper Willy, Mom.
Marge: Mmm...kids, it's time we told you the true story and put your
       fears to rest.  It's a story of murder and revenge from beyond
       the grave.
-- Oh yeah, _real_ assuaging, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

The scene changes to parents walking into Springfield Elementary while
it snows.

Marge: [voice over] It all started on the thirteenth hour, of the
       thirteenth day, of the thirteenth month.  We were there to
       discuss the misprinted calendars the school had purchased.
Homer: [shivering, looking at the calendar] Oh, lousy Smarch weather.
        [spies the thermostat with a note from Willy over it]
        [reads] "Do not touch Willy."  Good advice!  [cranks it]
-- Punctuation and you, for Homer Simpson, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

The flames in the furnace flare up.  Willy stops playing his bagpipes to
check it out, but the furnace explodes, engulfing him in flames.

Skinner: Our next budget item: $12 for doorknob repair.
Parents: Nay!
          [burning Willy tries to escape, but the doorknob falls off]
Skinner: Recharge fire extinguishers?  Now, this is a, uh, _free_
         service of the fire department --
Parents: Nay!
  Homer: Nay.
          [burning Willy tries to use the fire extinguisher, but it's
          [he breaks out of the furnace room and runs into the
  Willy: Help!  Please help me!
Skinner: [reproachful] Willy, please!  Mr. Van Houten has the floor.
 Mr. VH: Er, I, for one, would like to see the cafeteria menus in
         advance so parents can adjust their dinner menus accordingly.
         I don't like the idea of Milhouse having two spaghetti meals in
         one day.
          [Willy explodes into flame and screams for a few seconds]
          [the parents turn to watch]
  Willy: [a mere skeleton] You'll pay for this...with your children's
 Wiggum: Oh, right.  How are you going to get them?  Skeleton power?
  Willy: I'll strike where you canna protect them -- in their dreams!
-- The smouldering skeleton speaks, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

His skeleton collapses into ashes, which are magically swept up into a
dustpan and deposited in the garbage.

Lisa: Bart!  Don't you realize what this means?  The next time we fall
      asleep, we could [weakly] die!
 Abe: Ehh, welcome to my world!  [falls asleep]
-- Touche, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Bart and Lisa try hard to stay awake that night.  Lisa gives Maggie a
Buzz Cola to drink while the three children watch "Asian Market Wrapup."

Announcer: There's a volcano waiting to erupt in the Pacific Rim.  Its
           name: medium-term convertible debentures.
     Lisa: It's no use, Bart: we can't stay up forever.
     Bart: You're right.  The only thing left to do is go into my dream
           and force Willy into a final showdown.  You stay awake, and
           if it looks like I'm in trouble, wake me up.
     Lisa: OK.  But promise you won't be grouchy.
-- Conditional support, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Bart yawns and closes his eyes.  He opens them again and looks behind
him to see the school, looking dark and sinister.  He walks gingerly
through the playground, looking around himself.  "Come on, Willy: I know
you're out there."  Willy, his giant head atop a fierce lawn-mowing
machine, plows through the hedge behind Bart.  Bart cries out and runs
off while Willy laughs.

Seeing the sandbox gives Bart an idea.  While Willy looks around for
him, Bart takes some clippings of grass lying in garbage bags nearby and
sprinkles them over the sandbox, waters them with a hose, then stands
with the sandbox in front of him and calls out to Willy.

 Bart: Hey, Lawn Boy!  You missed a spot!  [motions to sandbox]
Willy: When I'm done with you, they'll have to do a compost-mortem!
-- Witty retorts, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Willy shifts himself into high gear and tromps the gas, flying toward
Bart and growling.  When he hits the sandbox, though, his wheels turn
uselessly.  "Sinky sand!" he cries, morphing into several different
(tartan) shapes before turning into himself and sinking into the sand.

  Bart: [sighs with relief] Willy's gone for good.  Now I can get back
        to my normal dreams: me and Krusty winning the Super Bowl!
         [Krusty, dressed in a football uniform, runs up as a crowd
Krusty: Bart, there's two seconds left.  Now listen up.  It's your basic
        Statue of Liberty play with one twist: you throw it to me!
        Knute Rockne called it the forward pass.
         [behind Bart, a giant tartan spiderlike bagpipe with Willy's
        head on it rises from the sandbox]
        Now, the clock's still running, so it's important we start this
        play as quickly as possible.
  Bart: [getting grabbed] Aah!
Krusty: Oh, boy.  Don't dream about me no more, kid.  [runs off]
-- Some supportive clown _he_ is, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Bart: Help, Lisa!  Help!
Lisa: [running toward the sandbox] Bart, you're in trouble!  Wake up!
Bart: Wait a minute...if you're here, then you've fallen asleep too!
Lisa: I'm not asleep, I'm justing resting my ey -- uh oh.  Aah!
       [gets grabbed by Willy, who continues sinking into the sand]
      Goodbye, Bart.
Bart: Goodbye, Lis.  Hope you get reincarnated as someone who can stay
      awake for fifteen minutes!
-- Bart, closet Buddhist, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

All seems lost until Maggie appears and blocks Willy's exit hole with
her pacifier.  Willy tries vainly to pull it out, but he expands
gradually until he explodes, raining scraps of tartan all over the
place.  The three children fly up to the moon, circle it, then land on
their couch and awaken.  "You saved us, Maggie!" says Lisa, hugging her.
Maggie pulls out another pacifier, twiddles it around, and puts it in
her mouth.

The three of them walk out the front door the next morning.

 Lisa: I don't know, Bart.  Something tells me Willy's still out there,
       and that he could come back at any time in any form and kill us
       in ways we can't even imagine!
        [a bus pulls up; Willy gets off]
Willy: Boo!  [laughs] [makes some faces and noises]
        [the bus leaves]
       Stop!  I left my gun on the seat.  Hey!
        [he starts chasing it, then turns back] Wait here, please.
        [he runs off, losing his shoe, while a saxophone plays the theme
-- Rowdy Roddy Peeper, goofball, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

[End of Act Two.  Time: 14:03]

Third segment title: "Homer^3"

Outside, thunder crashes as Marge calls out to Homer.

Marge: Homer!  Get ready!  Patty and Selma will be here any minute.
Homer: D'oh!  Oh no...better ride this one out in the closet.
        [opens it to see Bart and Lisa standing there]
 Lisa: Sorry, Dad.  This is our spot.
Homer: Oh yeah?  Well it's _my_ house, so it's _my_ spot.
 Bart: N'uh uh, because we called it.
Homer: Did not!
 Lisa: Well, we're calling it now.
Homer: [plaintive] You are?
 Bart: 'Fraid so.
Homer: Ohh, they got me with their legal mumbo-jumbo.
-- Which they learned from Matlock, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Homer checks under the carpet in front of the TV, but the pets have
already claimed that spot for themselves.  The doorbell rings.

Marge: [hearing the doorbell] Just a second!
Homer: D'oh!  [whimpers] Huh?  [spots a bookcase]
       I never looked behind this whatchamacallit case before.
        [chuckles; leans on wall, but his hand goes through it]
       Huh?  [swirls his hand around] It's like something out of that
       twilighty show about that zone.
        [Marge opens the door]
Patty: How's it hanging, Marge?
Selma: Ugh!  I'm baking like a meatloaf under this wet wool.
        [opens coat closet, catches Bart and Lisa hiding there]
 Bart: Uh...[nervous smile] may I take your coat, Aunt Selma?
 Lisa: Um...I would also like to take your coat.
Selma: Have we got a family activity for you:
Patty: A pillowcase full of seashells from our trip to Sulfur Bay.
Selma: You can help us clean and organize them.
Patty: And pry out all the dead hermit crabs.  Get a screwdriver.
-- Fun?  Wow, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Homer will have none of it.

Homer: I'll take my chances in the mystery wall!
        [goes into it]
        [steps out into 3D land, looks around]
        [thinking] Oh, glory of glories.  Oh heavenly testament to the
       eternal majesty of God's creation.
        [out loud] Holy macaroni!
Patty: [sucking on a hermit crab] Hey!  You can just _suck_ 'em out!
Homer: [disembodied] Hello?  Can anybody hear me?
Marge: Homer!  Where are you?
Homer: Uh, I'm somewhere where I don't know where I am.
Marge: Do you see towels?  If you see towels, you're probably in the
       linen closet again.
Homer: Just a second...no, it's a place I've never been before.
Selma: Hmm.  The shower.  [laughs]
-- Strike one, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

"Hey!"  Homer calls out indignantly.  He looks around and scratches

Homer: I don't want to alarm you, Marge, but I seem to be trapped in
Marge: Hmm.  I better call Ned.  He has a ladder!
        [in 3D land]
Homer: What's going on here?  I'm so bulgy.
        [taps his belly; it ripples for a while]
       My stomach sticks way out in front and my -- aah!
        [checks out his bulgy behind]
        [in the living room]
  Ned: [on top of his ladder] Well, as the tree said to the lumberjack,
       I'm stumped.
Selma: Hmm.  It's like he just disappeared into fat air.  [laughs]
Homer: Hey!  Shut up.
-- Strike two, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

In the background, a cone bounces off the green grid Homer is standing
on.  He walks past a building, strangely reminiscent of a building in a
certain video game, and up to a swimming pool with fish in it.  "Mmm...
unprocessed fish sticks," he slobbers.  His drool hits the pool and
frightens the fish away.

He walks up to a sign with arrows pointing along the three axes, X, Y,
and Z.

Homer: Man, this place looks expensive.  I feel like I'm wasting a
       fortune just standing here.
        [scratches and looks around]
       Well, better make the most of it.
-- Homer in 3D land, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

The bouncing cone lodges itself in his butt.  "Ow!  Watch it, coney!"
He pulls it out and tosses it away.  It lodges itself in the ground,
point down, and creates a depression that begins deepening at an
alarming rate.  "Oops," he says meekly.

Marge has called Rev. Lovejoy and Dr. Hibbert in to help.

Lovejoy: Do you see a light, Homer?
  Homer: [disembodied] Yes...
Lovejoy: Move into the light, my son.
  Homer: [a buzzing is heard] Aah!
Hibbert: Homer, this is your physician, Dr. Julius Hibbert.  Can you
         tell us what it's like in there?
  Homer: Uh...it's like...did anyone see the movie "Tron"?
Hibbert: No.
   Lisa: No.
  Marge: No.
 Wiggum: No.
   Bart: No.
  Patty: No.
 Wiggum: No.
    Ned: No.
  Selma: No.
  Frink: No.
Lovejoy: No.
 Wiggum: Yes.  I mean -- um, I mean, no.  No, heh.
-- "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Frink draws a strange diagram on the wall.

    Lisa: Well, where's my Dad?
   Frink: Well, it should be obvious to even the most dim-witted
          individual who holds an advanced degree in hyperbolic
          topology, n'gee, that Homer Simpson has stumbled into...[the
          lights go off] the third dimension.
    Lisa: [turning the lights back on] Sorry.
   Frink: [drawing on a blackboard] Here is an ordinary square --
  Wiggum: Whoa, whoa -- slow down, egghead!
   Frink: -- but suppose we exte-end the square beyond the two
          dimensions of our universe (along the hypothetical Z axis,
Everyone: [gasps]
   Frink: This forms a three-dimensional object known as a "cube", or a
          "Frinkahedron" in honor of its discoverer, n'hey, n'hey.
   Homer: [disembodied] Help me!  Are you helping me, or are you going
          on and on?
   Frink: Oh, right.  And, of course, within, we find the doomed
-- The frightening conclusion, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Wiggum: Enough of your borax, poindexter!  We need action --
         [fires his gun six times through the wall]
        Take that, you lousy dimension!
         [the bullets fly toward Homer, but spiral around the widening
        hole and get sucked into it]
 Homer: Oh, there's so much I don't know about astrophysics.  I wish I'd
        read that book by that wheelchair guy.
-- Homer, Hawking ignoramus, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

He leans into the hole, but his head gets sucked in and elongated
grotesquely.  He manages to pull it out, but the hole begins widening
with an alarming rapidity.  He has to run to keep ahead of it.

  Abe: [wearing a diving suit] I'll save Homer!  All I needs is four
       stout men to work the bellows.
Frink: No, pops, it's too risky!  For all we know, there could be cubes
       in there the size of gorillas and other large --
Homer: [disembodied] Help!  I don't have much time.
 Bart: [tying a rope around his waist] That does it.  I'm going in.
Marge: Bart, no!
        [Bart goes in through the wall and looks around]
 Bart: Cool, man!
-- Bart enters 3D land, "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Homer is nearing the edge of the green grid.

  Homer: [panicky] Oh my God, I'm going to be sucked into a black hole,
         I'm going to be sucked into oblivion, I'm going to be nothing,
         and what's going to be coming out the other side, I don't know!
   Bart: I'll save you, Dad!
          [climbs onto XYZ street sign]
         I can't get any closer...you'll have to jump!
  Homer: Piece of cake, son.
          [runs into hole, breaks into pieces]
         Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap --
          [the world explodes in a flash as Bart gets pulled back]
  Marge: Bart!  What happened?
   Bart: Well...we hit a little snag when the universe sort of collapsed
         on itself.  But Dad seemed cautiously optimistic!
  Homer: [disembodied] Craaaap!
  Marge: Oh, Homey.
Lovejoy: Be strong, Marge: I'm sure he's gone to a better place.
          [lightening fizzles; Homer appears in our world, screaming,
         and falls into a dumpster]
  Homer: D'oh!  [gets out] Ew...this is the worst place yet.
-- He's got that right., "Treehouse of Horror VI"

He walks down a street somewhere in California.  People stop to look at
the stranger from another universe.  Homer whimpers incoherently as he
keep walking, but then he spots a store he likes.  "Ooh!  Erotic cakes,"
he coos, walking in.

[End of Act Three.  Time: 21:27]

The credits are displayed in green as the camera slowly rises over the
erotic cakes shop.  The theme song sounds as though it's from the video
game "Myst".  Similar-style music plays over the Gracie logo.


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